The 7 news that you have to know this Wednesday, May 31 in the morning

Hello good morning!.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
04 June 2023 Sunday 11:21
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The 7 news that you have to know this Wednesday, May 31 in the morning

Hello good morning!

After the unexpected announcement of the general elections, we said: "Waiting for more surprises..." They are already here with the defection of Ciudadanos and the maneuvers to concentrate the vote. Beyond the Ukrainian drones or a large private Spanish rocket are protagonists.

The latest surprise: Ciudadanos resigned yesterday from running in the general elections on July 23. After his defection, Feijóo hopes to monopolize the conservative vote. Sumar (Díaz) wants to do the same to the left of the PSOE and registers as a party.

Is everything predicted? At this point, after the poor result of the government coalition in the municipal and regional elections, it seems that Sánchez has little going for him. He insists, on the contrary, that it is not the same drop, chestnut or setback on 28-M and in the face of July.

It is admitted, however, that between one and the other and either by a or by b, "Spain is condemned to live in a Goya painting to live a 'duel with clubs'". Polarize? Its consequences are not clear.

Everything ready for the Miura. The first large private rocket developed in Spain is scheduled to take off now, between 8 am and 10 am this morning. Its success is central to having a true orbital launcher. Here it can be followed in streaming.

Access to housing is one of the main current concerns. The result of the municipal elections leaves the application of the Housing law up in the air. Only the Catalan capitals and Pamplona could implement income controls.

Kyiv launches its air war. Wars have the same dramatic consequences today as yesterday, but they are no longer the same as then. Ukraine wants to gather thousands of devices with its Army of Drones program. These, in fact, fall on Moscow.

The climate crisis knows no borders but its solutions do and usually not for the better. Now the governments are negotiating in Paris the management of waste, especially plastic. Win the division. Even if the proposed treaty is without binding obligations.

Jorge Maronna, composer, guitarist and humorist. "In today's Argentina, Les Luthiers would have been impossible." read it here

Spain is a festival. Summer is approaching and as it happened before the covid, the country accumulates festivals. Even more than then: the live music business grows 19% compared to 2019. Primavera Sound arrives as the main one. Here the ranking.

Painted nails? They? At work? Politicians, teachers and soccer players break the taboo. Mostly for aesthetics. Some as an anti-patriarchal gesture. And the phenomenon goes further.

After the great banking scare experienced by the fall of several in the US or of a giant like Credit Suisse, the fears of 2008 loom. Fernández Ordóñez, governor of the Bank of Spain at that time, told this newspaper: "The banks still they could be Chernobyl”.

Marta Robles, journalist and writer. "Neruda was a poetic genius and a bad person, he deserved a jail sentence." read it here