The new indictment involving 51 suspects on the Hrant Dink murder included the statement, “It is not possible for the Dink murder to have taken place outside Fetullah Gülen's knowledge and approval.”

In the indictment prepared by Istanbul Public Prosecutor Gökalp Kökçü, Fetullah Gülen, Ekrem Dumanlı and Zekeriya Öz are the top three suspects.

The Fetullahist Terror Organization (FETÖ) is the organization behind the curtain from “head-to-toe” in Dink's assassination.

A Gülenist police member who spoke to Gülen in Pennsylvania about a year after the murder that took place on January 19, 2007, said to him, “Sir, the big brothers have told us you were the one who gave the order to kill Hrant Dink.”

The Gülenist police member, the former chief of Istanbul Police Intelligence Department who is being tried on the charge of “neglecting duty,” shared what he discussed with Gülen in Pennsylvania with his friends in the “small circle” after he returned to Turkey.

He also mentioned during this very exclusive conversation that, “Upon his statement concerning the death order, Gülen became incredibly disturbed by the likelihood of this deep secret coming out and felt faint.”

It seems that Gülen thought this order he had given was within the knowledge of only certain imams; he was calculating that the police member in question should not have knowledge of this secret.

Ogün Samast, who was wearing a white beret, was caught at the Samsun Bus Terminal only a day after he killed Dink. While he was in custody, he had posed with police and gendarmerie members at the Anti-Terror Unit, holding a Turkish flag in his hand.

The then chief of the Samsun Intelligence Department, who stated that Ali Fuat Yılmazer had contacted him by phone and asked for the footage, is Fikri Yalman. Yalman, currently Çankırı Police chief, provided this information to the prosecutor investigating Dink's murder.

Gülenist Ercan Gün is the one who aired the footage on television.

Mr. Dumanlı is the lead actor who ensured the footage shared by Yılmazer reached Gün.

By presenting this footage to the public, the Gülen Movement had marketed to the people the perception that the Dink assassination was “carried out with nationalist feelings.” The two police officers who posed there were constantly promoted. Following the July 15, 2016 coup attempt, these two police members were suspended from FETÖ membership and later dismissed from their jobs.


Armenian Gürgen Mıgırdiç Yanıkyan, who tricked and killed two Turkish diplomats, Mehmet Baydar and Bahadır Demir at the Biltmore Hotel in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles on Jan. 27, 1973, spearheaded ASALA terrorism.

Yanıkyan, who was born in Erzurum on Dec. 24, 1895, was wearing a white beret when he martyred our 77-year-old diplomats.

Exactly 25 years before the Armenian deportation (on June 20, 1890), the Armenian Revolt took place in Erzurum.

Six years from this date, on July 10, 1896, the U.S. Consulate General opened in Erzurum.

American Consul Leo Bergolz tasked four Armenians at the consulate in a building belonging to a wealthy Armenian named Garabedyan.


In 1963, when Gülen was 25 years old, he had established Turkey's second Anti-Communism Association in Erzurum.

His foreign coach, CIA agent Graham Fuller had started his position in Turkey in 1964. Catholicos of Cilicia in Lebanon, Horen I, had called on all Armenians worldwide and pointed to Turkey as a target.

Catholicos of Etchmiadzin, Vazken I, made a similar call at the same time, demanding the organization of events and commemoration ceremonies for the so-called “genocide.”

The Armenian patriarchs started intense propaganda against Turkey with these calls they made in August 1964, one year before the 50th anniversary of the deportation in 1915.

These calls that were embraced “like a directive to wage war against Turkey,” led, in the following years, to a period of erecting so-called “genocide” monuments to the systematic assassination of Turkish diplomats.

In a letter written by Gülen – when he was a preacher in Kırklareli – on the 50th anniversary of the 1915 events in 1965 to then Armenian Patriarch Kalutsyan, he said:

“I cannot go without damning the major Armenian genocide in 1915.

I read with deep sensitivity that there were so many important people among those who were killed, massacred, and remember them in respect.”


On the 102nd anniversary of 1915, certain CIA member fugitives of FETÖ were flattering regarding the so-called Armenian “genocide” on Twitter by “following in the footsteps of their lobby-leader.”

These known types of people who applaud American state terrorism, are tasked with “shooting” at the independent Muslim Turkey on behalf of Uncle Sam.

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