This is how Ariadne Artiles has changed, the model who succeeds in networks with easy and healthy recipes

Born on January 18, 1982, Ariadne Artiles is one of the most recognized models in our country.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
18 March 2023 Saturday 00:51
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This is how Ariadne Artiles has changed, the model who succeeds in networks with easy and healthy recipes

Born on January 18, 1982, Ariadne Artiles is one of the most recognized models in our country. Beyond her impeccable presentations on the catwalks and her innate gift for posing in front of the cameras-in addition to her media relationship with Fonsi Nieto for more than two decades-Artiles is recognized for her books on the well-being of she. A concern that had always resided in her, but that she has exposed with more emphasis in recent years. The Canary Islander has combined her work as a model with her reflections on well-being and the experience of motherhood, something that has even ended up turning her into a writer.

Ariadne Artiles has always shown her decisive character. Already when she was young, at twenty, she bought her first floor, and thanks to that gesture of autonomy she acquired an unbeatable confidence. Her rise in fashion was supersonic, because as soon as she debuted in the 2000s, she received star treatment in that Miami Beach turned into a photo studio with Bruce Weber at the helm. She promised to be one of the greats within the framework of modeling in Spain.

As we said, fate wanted it to be chosen by the renowned photographer Bruce Weber to star in the Abercrombie campaign

In 2006 came two of the recognitions that most marked his professional career. She was chosen as a Revelation Model by Glamor magazine and one of the most beautiful women in the world of fashion, according to GQ magazine. Likewise, she has worked for Roberto Cavalli, who has chosen her as the image of some of her projects and is a benchmark in the world of fashion. In addition, her talent as a model has led her to work with important firms, both nationally and internationally.

During her long career, she has worked with the best photographers in the world, such as Walter Chin and Russell James, and her naturalness before the lenses has led her to star in numerous covers for the best headlines, among which are emblematic magazines such as Elle, Harpers Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Marie Claire, Telva and Instyle. She is an icon in the world of fashion, a world from which she has learned a lot and which has led her to launch her own projects.

Ariadne has been able to translate her learning in fashion design into two clothing collections that bear her own name and have been a resounding success in sales throughout Europe. However, her modeling career took another turn on December 31, 2017, at which time she gave birth to her first daughter, whom they decided to name after her. That same year she launched @lavidamadre, her first project focused on motherhood. In less than a year, she has reached a large number of mothers who love her fun approach to motherhood.

A project that has gained even more strength - if possible - after the birth on April 5, 2021 of her twins, María and Julieta. A delivery that turned out to be the most complicated, and that she talked about with La Vanguardia a few months ago. "We had to do a cesarean section in which I lost a lot of blood and I hardly count it. María and Julieta are two warriors who, by the way, have eaten their mother in a lactation that has been very hard, but that I think has helped that today we are here healthy and strong", she expressed in an interview with Joana Bonet.

But that is not all. In the year 2020, Ariadne takes another step in her professional career and publishes her first book, called Pura Vida, together with the Planeta publishing house, a book about her personal experiences and her healthy lifestyle. . In addition, on her social networks, she helps everyone who wants to learn to eat healthier with easy recipes that she shares on her Instagram. For her it is a way of making her fans aware of the importance of eating healthy and for this she recommends recipes. This is something that has made her gain many followers in recent times and be a very influential famous face on the Instagram social platform, beyond her role as her model.

In 2022, she released a book dedicated to motherhood. In Pura Vida Madre, she tells everything, the beautiful and the hard, as well as the reality that she found being a mother and how it has been and continues to be a journey that never ends. "Nothing prepares you to be a mother, but being a mother prepares you for whatever. And it is that until that moment comes you do not realize the strength you have; motherhood teaches you that the power of women is amazing", expressed a few months ago in another interview for La Vanguardia.

Currently, at 41 years old, the model seeks to continue improving with new projects. To her trajectory as a model is added her facet as a businesswoman. Recently, she has opened a hotel in Gran Canaria, the Pura Vida San Agustín beach house, in homage to the eight Canary Islands and César Manrique. A great example of a woman who wants to conquer the world and improve herself day after day.