The harsh messages from Laura Escanes' stalker

The 'influencer' Laura Escanes, with more than 1.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
16 March 2023 Thursday 06:46
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The harsh messages from Laura Escanes' stalker

The 'influencer' Laura Escanes, with more than 1.9 million followers on Instagram, has shared threatening and tasteless messages that she has received from a follower and has decided to report it to the police. At the insistence of an internet user, the Catalan has taken legal measures to protect her life and that of her daughter. Despite the hard time that Laura Escanes has had to go through, the 'influencer' has received the support of her family, her friends and her partner on her Instagram.

It is not the first time that Escanes denounces a person for the messages that he sends privately on social networks, a practice that on many occasions the model has demanded that he cease. "Disgust. Fear that these things will continue to happen. How disgusting and how impotent," Laura Escanes wrote on the aforementioned social network after announcing that she was in line at a police station.

The 'influencer' Laura Escanes has been the victim of threatening and distasteful messages from various followers on Instagram. The young woman, who has more than 1.9 million followers on the social network, has grown tired of having people write her unpleasant messages every day and has made the decision to report the attacker to the police.

Likewise, the Catalan has shared some screenshots of the messages she has received. In her screenshots, you can read the insults and threats that this follower has written to her privately on social networks, accusing her of having sought her fame at the expense of her ex-partner, Risto Mejide, and of having hurt her.

"Daughter of the great bitch. Since you don't take the time to read my messages, imbecile. Unfortunate. Look, you know what? That you have sought fame in Risto Mejide and you have taken advantage of Risto, daughter of a bitch. Shit in your dead, you fucking bastard. And it's that you're a bad person and a daughter of a bitch. Shitty girl. You're only good for fucking public figures. Daughter of a great bitch. What the hell. You've become famous "It consists of being Risto Mejide's wife and persecuting him. You've done him a lot of damage, son of a bitch. I shit on your fucking children, you fucking bastard. Either disappear from Instagram or I'll make you disappear with a bitch complaint", are some of the messages that this follower has sent to the 'influencer'.

Escanes has exploded in his Instagram stories in the face of this type of message and has wanted to expose the messages received so that his followers see what he has to put up with every day on the networks. "Disgust. Fear that these things will continue to happen. How disgusting and how helpless," Laura Escanes added in another message from the queue of a police station.

"I would have liked this not to be my plan... but the complaint is already filed because I didn't have any peace of mind. Thanks for the messages," the Catalan wrote later. She also wanted to thank the messages of support and affection that she has received after her complaint.

In addition, Laura Escanes has indicated that she has received criticism from some followers for having left her daughter while she was enjoying a vacation in the Maldives with her boyfriend. The young woman has responded to these criticisms by explaining that she has joint custody of her daughter and that both parents take turns taking care of her.

"And your daughter? Who have you left her with?", can be read in one of the messages that the 'influencer' has received. "I shouldn't even explain, but my blood boils every time I read a comment like this because you never ask a man that," she replied angrily.