5 applications that will help you organize your return to your routine

After the summer holidays, returning to our routine seems difficult.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
17 September 2023 Sunday 17:08
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5 applications that will help you organize your return to your routine

After the summer holidays, returning to our routine seems difficult. We return to work, to obligations and tight schedules. Getting to everything and being productive can be a challenge on a day-to-day basis, you forget to hand in that project at work or you don't remember the date of an exam. Maybe you have decided to start playing sports for your rentrée and you don't know where to start. Or maybe you're having a harder time falling asleep than expected to perform well during the day.

Technology can be of great help when facing the return to routine. You just need to have different applications on your mobile phone to better organize yourself, collect all your pending tasks and even track your habits and your rest.

It is true that almost all mobile phones have a built-in notes application, but they are never as complete as what you will find in Evernote. You can have the application on your smartphone and your computer and coordinate them for greater effectiveness, it allows you to take notes and add images, audio, files to your notes, scan documents... You can also mark completed tasks, schedule reminders and synchronize Evernote with Google Calendar.

As with notes, your phone probably already has a calendar application. But if you want to take another step towards effectiveness and organization, Google Calendar will be your best ally. You have a preview of the day's events without having to open the tabs, you can schedule events that are automatically added to the calendar - such as flights, concert tickets or restaurant reservations - as well as share your calendar with the contacts you want to plan together, something very useful for couples, families or companies.

Do you need a push to stick to your healthy habits? HabitMinder is a meter of good habits such as exercising, drinking enough water, going for a walk or doing relaxation techniques. It has different default habits and you can also configure your own. You can record compliance progress for each purpose, as well as set reminders and view statistics.

A perfect application for students, where you will find a calendar, to-do lists, class schedules, space to store notes and take notes. You can record progress on different pending tasks and customize the calendar by color to distinguish each subject.

This app aims to improve your rest and sleeping habits. Set a gentle alarm clock at the perfect time so you wake up rested, it has relaxing sleep sounds, tracks your snoring, you can see statistics with your sleep hours and develop a personalized sleep program.