Valgkaos continues: - the Fraud in 100 years

Chaos and confusion during the counting of votes in Iowa can get to cast a long shadow over the democratic præsidentkandidaters election campaigns. It says poli

Valgkaos continues: - the Fraud in 100 years

Chaos and confusion during the counting of votes in Iowa can get to cast a long shadow over the democratic præsidentkandidaters election campaigns. It says poli

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
05 February 2020 Wednesday 05:00
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Valgkaos continues: - the Fraud in 100 years

Chaos and confusion during the counting of votes in Iowa can get to cast a long shadow over the democratic præsidentkandidaters election campaigns. It says political observers for leading u.s. media.

There is Tuesday morning Danish continued chaos during the counting process, after members of the Democratic leadership has announced that there can be expected the official results until later on Tuesday - many of the expected result.

the Leader of the Democrats in Iowa, Troy Price, will be subjected to tough criticism on the election day from many fellow party members, who complained about the lack of transparency in vote tabulation.

See also: Democratic result from Iowa is delayed

This year's delay is because according to Democrats a 'quality control' of the results, saith the partikontoret in Iowa.

– The integrity is paramount.

the Price was according to CNN, unable to explain, when there could expected results. He was also not dampened the uncertainty with regard to what has gone wrong, and observers fear that renewable will be a shadow of doubt on the election results.

The major problems are due according to the Price of a new app, which is used by the count.

It can cause that the election in Iowa will get far less significance than usual in a presidential campaign. For the candidates, who have spent very many resources on their efforts in the state, can the fiasco with the vote count be a serious setback.

Price as expressed himself succinctly about the problems, said out on election night (after midnight local time) that the results will be available 'at a time Tuesday'.

The most direct criticism comes from Jeff Weaver, which is toprådgiver for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. He says that the reasons for the delay in election results is 'nonsensical'.

As the Price began to explain to journalists that the delay was due to the requirement that the results should be presented in a particular sequence, said Weaver, that 'the electoral process in Iowa has been fraud in 100 years'.

the FACTS: How it works the Democratic elections in Iowa

the Electoral system in Iowa differs from that of the primaries in most other states and is called a caucus, which in English is known as the vælgermøder.

Here you can read more about how the electoral system works:

* It is different from state to state, how the two major parties - the Democrats and the Republicans - organize their choice of presidential candidates.

* In most of the states held primaries. It is the general election, where voters show up and secretly puts a cross on a ballot paper at their desired candidate.

* In Iowa and a handful of other states are held in the caucus.

* the Caucus is a sort of informal vælgermødeafstemninger. Here to meet party members in private homes, in schools, in churches or in meeting houses open to benefits after, which candidate they support.

* in Some places, discusses how the agreement is reached, while in other places only talk about that one meets up and votes. The stemmeafgivelsen takes place either by ballot or by physical counting of the supports.

* in Order to participate in a caucus in Iowa must be registered as a democratic or republican choose.

* If a candidate can't muster support from 15 percent of the attendees, it is the candidate's support is free to move over and support another candidate. The process can be in a few hours.

* the Results from the vælgermøderne assembled and translated into the final score for Iowa.

* this year there will be not only published the final results of the vælgermøderne in Iowa. Published also, which candidate got the most support in the first blow. At the same time published it, how voters have moved along the way.

* Iowa is a little more than three times larger than Denmark and who reside three million people in the state.

Sources: Ritzau, Reuters, DR.

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One of the topkandidaterne – the left-wing Bernie Sanders – claims that lead in the vote count after the support.

According to the 78–year-old senator, he stands to 28.6 percent of the vote, while the moderate former mayor Pete Buttigieg is a close second, with up 25.7 percent.

Elizabeth Warren, who is considered as one of the progressive candidates, lashing out after Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg, having regard to the preliminary and unofficial counts.

Her kampagnechef, Joe Rospars, accusing on Twitter the two in order to contribute to the chaos after the support.

– All campaigns that claim that they have won or publish incomplete counts, contributes to the chaos and misinformation, he writes.

the Democratic top candidates: The five favourites 1 of 6 From left Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. Photo: Saul Loeb/Ritzau Scanpix 2 of 6 Joe Biden: The experienced: 77-year-old Joe Biden has been sitting at the table in american toppolitik in a lifetime. He has been vice president for eight years under Obama-the time and the chairman of the Senate foreign relations committees. Therefore, he is counted by many experts as the most experienced democratic candidate. Biden is speaking passionate about defending the USA's position in the world and create a better political climate in Washington, where he will work to reduce the gap between the Democrats and the Republicans. Photo: Carlos Barria/Ritzau Scanpix 3 of 6 Elizabeth Warren: the Economist: The 70-year-old senator from Oklahoma City is a qualified lawyer specializing in bankruptcies. She helped the Obama administration to provide greater certainty for american consumers. Her political platform revolves as also, in particular, on the development of the economy, which she believes must undergo 'structural change'. She is an advocate of a free health service. In the election campaign, she has provisionally marked out by saying no to wealthy donors. Photo: Brian Snyder/Ritzau Scanpix 4 of 6 Bernie Sanders: Socialist: the Senator from Vermont was second after Hillary Clinton at the most recent election in 2016. 78-year-old Sanders is alderspræsident and has for five decades been fighting a completely new direction for the UNITED states, which is largely based on a universal welfare system as we know it from Scandinavia. Sanders has many young supporters, but his socialist line can buckle legs for him in the end, as many democratic voters consider him too radical in his opinions on free health and education systems. Photo: Jim Bourg/Ritzau Scanpix 5 of 6 Pete Buttigieg: It 'young' hope: The former mayor from the state of Indiana is 38 years old by far the most urutinerede candidate. In turn, trying Pete Buttigjeg to turn the relatively young age to his advantage by bringing his political campaign to create a new era for the UNITED states, where he will make a generationsskift in american politics. He will, among other things reform the Supreme court and on the way make retsindstandsen less political. Photo: Jonathan Ernst/Ritzau Scanpix 6 of 6 Amy Klobuchar: the Outsider: The 59-year-old senator from Minnesota, is perhaps the least-known name among the candidates. She has surprised many voters during the election campaign to show himself as a strong politician with visionary plans. Klobuchar has launched a $ 100 billion plan to combat the problems of abuse and improvement of the health sector. She is known among its supports, as an energetic pragmatist, who puts action behind the words. The skiglade senator has also laid an ambitious plan for his first 100 days in office as the USA's next president. Photo: Scott Olson/Ritzau Scanpix

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