System-gakgak: Medical students Anders risk deportation to Jordan

Imagine being kicked out of Denmark, and had to start all over again in a new and foreign country in the Middle east. It is a reality, as Donald Maher Al-Fayoum

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
10 February 2020 Monday 06:00
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System-gakgak: Medical students Anders risk deportation to Jordan

Imagine being kicked out of Denmark, and had to start all over again in a new and foreign country in the Middle east. It is a reality, as Donald Maher Al-Fayoumi 21 years of age have to relate to.

- I can't imagine anything worse. It is my whole life, I will lose. My family, my friends, my study. Everything!

this is the sound of the distraught from Anders Maher Al-Fayoumi.

- I've had nights where I have cried and thought: What the hell do I do if they send me to Jordan?

- I will not be able to cope with me linguistically, and I know of no in Jordan, which can help me to get a life on the legs.

Anders, who read to the doctor in the fifth semester, is stuck in the aliens act. He could now be thrown out of Denmark and sent to Jordan. The country, which his parents fled from in the'80s, before Anders was born.

- I have been completely out there, where I have googlet huslejepriser and job opportunities in Jordan. It seems foolish, but I have to be prepared for 'worst case scenario', he says.

Anders Maher Al-Fayoumi was born in Denmark. He has gone in the Danish school, in the Danish gymnasium, have Danish friends and read on a Danish university.

His parents are originally from Jordan, and came to Denmark as a young, where they got Anders and his sisters, Lina, Maria and Hanna.

- We are brought up in the Danish culture, and it has always been clear that our life is here, " says Anders.

Donald's parents did not have the opportunity to become Danish citizens, since he was a child, and it means that Anders will never have got a Danish passport and citizenship.

- When I was younger, was ashamed of myself over it. I can remember that I plastrede my passport with the stickers, so that my friends could not see that it is so different, says Anders, who was then comforted himself with the thought that he could apply for citizenship when he turned 18 years.

Anders Maher Al-Fayoumi the next many years fighting for his right to be in Denmark. Photo: Linda Johansen

As Anders Maher Al-Fayoumi was 18 years old, were the rules, however, been changed; now it cost 5000 dollars to seek Danish nationality.

I went to high school and was a poor student, so I may just wait and save for it.

since he had gathered 5000 crowns together, arose the next problem. In the meantime, he was namely, aged 19 years.

It turned out that I - in the same second I turned 19 years - was subject to other rules. I had no idea that there was an age limit, " says Anders.

But it is there. And because Anders managed to fill 19, he shall now have a full-time job for a minimum of three and a half years before he can apply for permanent residence and subsequent citizenship. A requirement that is very consistent with the long lægestudie.

- Either I drop out as soon as possible to be able to get a permanent residence permit. Alternatively, should I seek temporary residence permits, until I am 30 years old and a graduate doctor, and then live with the fear of being thrown on the gate until then.

Mathilde Pedersen and Anders Al-Fayoumi are best friends and have gone in both elementary and high school together. Mathilde says that she feels, it corresponds to, that it was her, who risked being thrown out of the country. Photo: Linda Johansen
R rygt for deportation
Until Anders get permanent residence, can the immigration office to send him to Jordan, if they find evidence of it. And they've already had Anders to the conversation.

- It was absolutely absurd. I stood in line with the refugees, who came to get asylum. I was received by an interpreter, and the employee spoke English to me and seemed quite surprised when I answered in English.

the Conversation was with a view to withdraw the Anders' residence permit in Denmark.

- I was to say the least, taken in the shock, when it dawned on me that the conversation went off on a possible involvement of my residence permit. I was tears inside and had to ask for a break, where I called my friends in a panic. It all seemed surreal.

After the interview in march last year the agency ruled that Anders can be in Denmark. So far.

It was a bittersweet experience to make the decision. Even though they let me be, they came at the same time with a lot of arguments for why they can throw me out if they want.

'There is no reason to involve your residence permit', is directly in Anders' letter. The conclusion is justified, among other things, that Anders is not at risk of 'persecution or abuse', if he is deported to Jordan.

- Now I'm even more afraid of the forward-looking decisions. After all, they have already argued that they have the right to throw me out.

the residence Permit must be constantly renewed and is therefore constantly to be able to be involved.

- I think it is depressing that you have to fight for its right to be in the country you were born and raised in. I do not feel that it is a battle I should fight, says Anders.

- However, when it is said, I'm going to fight to be here. I love Denmark. I love my life here. It is here, I have at home.

Anders Maher Al-Fayoumi has met politician Andreas Steenberg from the Radical Left, who are upset over the situation, as Anders arrived in. Private

the Social democrats: - Sounds crazy

Andreas Steenberg, the liberal Left has been inside of Anders Maher Al-Fayoumis case.

'Here's another unhappy story about how the Danish immigration framework they are completely wrong.' How to start the politician a long posting on Facebook.

'the Prime minister said before christmas that the immigration policy should not be made, because some had been charged with terrorism. But Anders and many others that are affected by the laws, is the clear easy not terrorists or anything like! Anders is ’just’ a young man, who would like to be a doctor and a dane,' ending Andreas Steenberg its lookup.

Andreas Steenbergs lookup is shared over 700 times and received well over 100 comments.

the Rasmus Stoklund, integration and udlændingeordfører for Social democrats, recognising that Anders Maher Al-Fayoumis case sounds 'crazy'.

- It sounds like a crazy case, " he says.

- It is difficult for me to comment on individual cases, because there may be details I do not know, but as you present it here, I can hear that it sounds absurd, and it must be frustrating for Anders, says Rasmus Stoklund.

the Rasmus Stoklund says, moreover, that he will now go to the minister and the ministry to explore what is up and down in the case.

- this is not to say that it is something that we necessarily can solve, because we have quite tight rules, he says.

Although Rasmus Stoklund think it is 'drønærgerligt', if a good corporate citizen, who contributes, gets caught in the rules, so that means Anders' story is not that the party is ready to relax the rules. the

- It is not because I am thinking, we must relax the rules, because I hear about it here cases. We have the right tightens the rules, and we must also have, he concludes.

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