Snotnæsen took the danes by storm

Among some of them, Ekstra Bladet asked to comment on the queen's new year speech this year was Felix Smith, who in this time itself is affected by a sur once

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
31 December 2019 Tuesday 16:00
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Snotnæsen took the danes by storm

Among some of them, Ekstra Bladet asked to comment on the queen's new year speech this year was Felix Smith, who in this time itself is affected by a sur once the common cold.

– I think that the queen laid great to be eye to eye with us ordinary citizens by revealing his big colds. Right there, she won me with the same. When it is said, it was a classic speech. But I think she went faster for a bit, than she usually does. The key issues were cooked superbly together to among other things, the environment and the solitude. It is something she knows, fills with the danes. And I think a bit, if she, when she spoke about it with having to do without one, you have shared a life with, also spoke about himself. Maybe she is also a little lonely.

the Queen reminds us that we should take care of each other. Photo: PR-Photo

Felix Smith adds that loneliness is an epidemic in Denmark.

– the Queen has the right to say that we were hiding behind the screens instead of talking together, and she reminds us that we should take care of each other. On the way fills her finest task: To collect us. And she does well. Her speech came about it, it should.

Mascha Vang: She is so good despite the cold

– I love our queen, and after having seen the tv series ’The Crown’ I have become much more aware of how every word in a speech is important. For the same reason I admire her way to be samfundskritisk - without it, the chamber over. And I love that she is so much mention of the family. She is so proud of his sons, and the places she is not hidden on the.

Masha CVang believe that the queen saw pivgodt out. Photo: Jonas Olufson

Mascha Vang shall be liable to the queen so well off in spite of a heavy cold.

– She is not young anymore - almost 80 years - but she put up no matter what, for it, she is born to, and I take my hat off to. There are not many sick leaves in the lady. But beyond that, I'm also excited about her mention of southern Jutland and the 100-year anniversary of the reunification. It is so fine, she must remember to get all with - also, indirectly, the young girl, who during the visit in Schleswig-Holstein gave a speech. She is a very embracing of the queen, and the bar the speech mark.

Flemming Jensen: the Queen must assemble

– The most important thing about the queen's new year speech is that it takes place. For it is a unifying device, and, for me, was the keyword of the year: ’Propriety’. The queen reminds us that there exists loneliness. and there must be space for dissent – including that anti-semitism doesn't have any locations at home. It is fine for one in her position. And it is good to just say it.

Flemming Jensen points out, that the queen's interest in Greenland is very important to the greenlanders. Photo: Rasmus Flindt Pedersen

Flemming Jensen points out, that she had crossed the important topics in today's Denmark, not least the climate.

And so, one should certainly not neglect how much the king does for the commonwealth. After having lived in Greenland for many years, it has always annoyed me, that the danes in general cares so little for the north atlantic part of the community. But the queen and her family appreciate Greenland, and greenlanders means the earth, that there are three tupilaks on her desk. For me, it was the speech of the year all in all a good speech.

Mette Frobenius: Brave talk, with the edge

– To mention anti-semitism, intolerance and oppression is bold and gives a new year speech edge. I appreciate that, and the queen is doing it in fine balance with what she can afford. When she says, ’that it does not belong anywhere at home’, so is there a set line under. In fact, I think that she has become bolder with age, and deliver speeches with more bite - in a good way.

the Queen doing the speech in fine balance with what she can afford, think Mette Frobenius. Photo: Ida Wang

Mette Frobenius also believes that it is in other areas, the garments of the queen to be itself.

– She goes in the hearts of all the mothers and grandmothers in Denmark by just to talk about his children and grandchildren with pride in his voice. And when she specifically mentions the prince Joachim and his historic tv broadcasts, because it's probably in part that she even loves the story, and it is the first time that he comes really out of the shadows and present themselves on their own terms. On the whole, I think that the speech balanced nicely between the historic and the modern. Especially in the context of her mention of the social media and loneliness. I'm excited for this year's speech.

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