Slaughter in Paradise: It thundered and flashed

one of the two knaldekonger, Tobias Friberg, is finished in 'Paradise Hotel', where he was slaughtered by Oliver Erngart, who had been given a mission by the

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Slaughter in Paradise: It thundered and flashed

one of the two knaldekonger, Tobias Friberg, is finished in 'Paradise Hotel', where he was slaughtered by Oliver Erngart, who had been given a mission by the host Rikke Gøransson.

She asked him handing out red and blue press card, and, if more than five of the 11 participants chose to put the blue press badge in a box, would Oliver survive at the hotel and had to choose, who of them, who had put a blue press card, which had to leave the hotel. If not the mission was successful, should Oliver even leave the hotel.

the Mission was successful almost to the full, for Oliver hoped to be able to get Türker Alici out of the program, but he chose to put the red press badge in the box, and thereby saved his life. Instead, his right-hand man, Tobias, let the life on the orders of Oliver, when he had put the blue press card in the box.

As I stood there, it began more and more to go up for me, it was not quite good. I could see Oliver, that it was not some shit for him, when there was a blue card, so I knew I was finished. Maybe I had a small hope that he would choose Marco instead of me, says Tobias for the Extra Magazine.

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When it became clear that the choice fell on him, he felt empty inside.

- It was a big puff of smoke, and it just started to thunder and lightnings inside. I was just empty, it was an empty feeling, " he says.

He riles himself, of course his choice, but tells that he was a pressed man, as it should be. The evening before he had had a violent quarrel with his flirt Sarah Dohn, who had given the new participant Marco a lapdance.

It was fresh in the mind, when Tobias, along with his partner Anna, sat locked in their room for hours, while they had to make a choice about which map you should be in the box. And according to Tobias he thought, not entirely clear.

- the Day before had been a reasonably tough day, and I can't remember, about me and Anna sat in the four, five or six hours without cigarettes. I only had Sarah in my head, so when Oliver comes down in the room, I choose the blue press badge, because me and Anna agree on it. I had fucking many hangovers, he says.

Tobias Friberg is finished in this year's 'Paradise Hotel'. Photo: Chronically Group Denmark/Janus Nielsen

Tobias also stresses that there is no bad blood between him and Oliver, even though he was his executioner.

- There is no bad blood, I gave him a hug, as I went. It helped that he did not hoverede, he said, it was not directed at me, but that it should have been Türker, he says.

Is it a patch on the wound, that it was really Türker, he went after?

- Both, and I also had not seen Türker smoke out, it had just been so much crap for me. I would, of course, not even out, but when you Türker still there, so am I still living a bit further through him. It had been enormously lonely for me, if he was smoked.

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As Extra the Blade catches Oliver over the phone, he is ready in the saliva. When he could choose Türker, it may be Tobias, and he never considered other.

- I throw only Tobias out, because Türker unfortunately when to change his card at the last second. It was he who stood for the shot, he says.

in Spite of their quarrel the night before was given farvelkys to Sarah, before Tobias left the hotel. Photo: Chronically Group Denmark/Janus Nielsen

Why you went after the two?

I knew always, that Tobias and Türker stood together, where I would be tredjehjul, so it would only be a matter of time before I stood for the trip. I had to blow up the bomb before or since, says Oliver.

it Was hard to do?

- not at All.

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When Oliver stamped in at the hotel, it was good to see you again, when he saw Türker, which he knew from home. Since, however, gone wrong between them in the hotel.

- There, it happened, that he would have Ida, because he did not believe in her. Ida was my partner, and then we had a little conversation, where we agree that it is man against man. It was the day before, I got the choice on who I would throw out, so of course had to fool (Türker, eds.) just out, he laughs.

On the managed to get the shovel under each other can be seen in the ’Paradise Hotel’, which appears on the streamingkanalerne Viafree and Viaplay.

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