Skinhelligt: Shutters, climate-friendly luxury trains

Margrethe and the rest of the royal family could travel climate-friendly by train, if they wanted to. Deposited with the DSB is the queen's luksusvogn, the s

Skinhelligt: Shutters, climate-friendly luxury trains

Margrethe and the rest of the royal family could travel climate-friendly by train, if they wanted to. Deposited with the DSB is the queen's luksusvogn, the s

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Ann McDonald
31 December 2019 Tuesday 00:00
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Skinhelligt: Shutters, climate-friendly luxury trains

Margrethe and the rest of the royal family could travel climate-friendly by train, if they wanted to.

Deposited with the DSB is the queen's luksusvogn, the so-called Salonvogn, which was built specifically to Margrethe as a birthday present in 2001 and equipped with both sovekupé, sumptuous seating, the kitchen, the obligatory ash trays, work table, bathroom and toilet.

Danish royal - 28. dec. 2019 - at. 13:32 the Climate hypocrites: Here the royal CO2-bluff

the Only problem: the Queen and Frederik and co. uses practically no wagon.

In the smoke and steam of Denmark

When the queen and her staff travel with the aircraft or the royal yacht, emit far more CO2 per. passenger-kilometres, than if she chose the train.

the Royal family could also choose motorised transport for longer trips, but since this will require more cars, it is unknown what the CO2 footprint is for this type of travel in the queen's case.

According to the think tank Concito looks different modes of travel for indenrigstransport as follows:

1700 g. pr. passenger

180-220 g. pr. passenger

40 g. pr. passenger

the Numbers are for the usual passenger-kilometres and will in practice be higher, when the queen travels with a varying, but small staff.

As the Extra Magazine have described, particularly the queen and the kronprinseparret as the danes ' increasing climate awareness has begun to express great concern for the environment.

the Royal family prefer the airy comfort above anything else, and it is often at the expense of the climate, when, for example, travel up to 35 times with Defence aircraft and helicopter in one year.

Ekstra Bladet has asked the DSB, how many times Salonvognen has been in use for the last two years.

the Answer: Two tours in 2018, of which one trip was cancelled. And two trips in the current year.

Danish royal - 29. dec. 2019 - at. 11:17 the Royal family uses 'common sense': Here is their CO2-bombs

Previously, DSB indicated that the cart has been used up to ten times in a year.

The royal use so salonvognen less and less, although it can be run with climate ellokomotiv between Copenhagen and Fyn, as well as on the route to Esbjerg and Sønderborg.

It requires the diesel engine on the line further north in Jutland to Aarhus and Aalborg, but will emit far less CO2 than domestic flights.

in the past used the queen and prince Henrik are often the carriage both on domestic and udenrigsrejser.

the Royal family: Using common sense

the Extra Leaf has been addressed to the royal court to ask why the minister and co. do not save on CO2 emissions, since they care about the climate.

- We use our common sense and thinking every time, what mode of transport is most appropriate to use in relation to the individual event, informs the Royal family's communications department.

Here is the royal green words

the Queen of the metro opening in 2019

- No one knows how the capital will look like in 100 years. But we know that these tunnels will twist under the city and offer quick and sustainable transport for the people in the generations to come.

Photo: Anthon Unger

the Queen's new year speech in 2018:

- Therefore, we must listen carefully to the young people, when we are discussing how we can avoid that challenge the balance in nature. We must have consideration for the future. We need to think about in a timely manner.

In Greenland melts the ice. Here are the changes also evident.

Photo: Mads Nissen

the Queen to China's præsidentpar in 2012

- In these years there is no challenge, well more current than climate change and global warming. Here, Denmark and China have much to gain by standing together in the efforts to counter climate change.

Photo: Finn Frandsen/Ritzau Scanpix

the crown prince at the Polish state visit in 2019

- Energy and climate are especially important areas in the Polish-Danish relationship. Danish and Polish companies are now taking each other in hand to develop offshore wind turbines in the Baltic sea.

- It is a win-win situation - not only for Poland and Denmark, but also for the global climate.

the crown prince, incidentally, is the patron of State of Green – a Danish public-private partnership that puts the focus on global climate and environmental challenges.

Photo: Kacper Pempel/Ritzau Scanpix

crown princess Houston, Texas 2019

- I think quiet that you can say that Denmark today is the global leader in the field of sustainable energy.

- We hold the proud record for having the most wind energy in our energy sector, equivalent to more than 40 percent last year.

Photo: Daniel Kramer/Ritzau Scanpix

Here is the royal family's CO2 emissions


The queen flew according to the Defense three days in a row back and forth between the Marselisborg and Copenhagen with Defence helicopter EH-101 in the summer, when she lived on the aarhus slot.

26. June she met Mette Frederiksen and Lars Løkke Rasmussen, and the day after she met the new and the outgoing government.

28. June watched she the band of the life årsdagsparade.

the Queen also used the Defence helicopter earlier in the year, when she in February and flew two times from the Fredensborg Castle to Jutland and back again and one more time from Kastrup airport and to Paderborn, which is located centrally in Germany, between Hanover and Dortmund.

Photo: Kristian Linnemann

Flying grandma

Number of trips with Defence's EH-101 helicopter and CL-604 Challenger aircraft







(Source: Defense)

*Note: up To and including the third quarter

Photo: Chris Jackson//Ritzau Scanpix

CO2 bomb Dannebrog

the Royal family sputters tons of CO2 out of the Dannebrog.

It shows figures from the Defense worked by the Dea.

the Only service in 2018 resulted in the ship's diesel engines emitted 589 tonnes of CO2, equivalent to 31 residents ' consumption in a year.

According to the green think tank Concito emit a dane, an average of 19 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Photo: Jens Dresling


on several occasions, both flying and sailing the royal to remote destinations.

It is valid according to information from the Defense, for example, a Margrethe's and prince Henrik's visit to Greenland in 2015, Margrethes visit on the Faroe islands in 2016, and her visit to Estonia in 2019.

Thus was the king in the summer sail the Dannebrog Tallinn, in good time, so that the 78 meter long ship was for today, when Margaret landed with Defence Challenger aircraft in the Estonian airport.

On the way to be able to Margrethe 'arrive' to Estonia on the Dannebrog by driving from the airport and board on the cabinet, which only was used for the official visit to arrival and a final-hour front desk.

Photo: Martin Lehmann

On the black family vacation

in Addition, using the royal family members also It for private travel.

For example, the inferred crown prince and crown princess 46 tonnes of CO2 last year, when they chartered It for a private cruise in Danish waters.

Photo: Mads Claus Rasmussen/Ritzau Scanpix

the Firing of the sparrows

Slots and the Danish agency for culture heats up thousands of square meters in the castles, the royal family has at its disposal.

It also applies in Sorgenfri Slot, where the main building has been empty since 1995, and the Hermitage museum, as the royal family only uses a few times a year.

the Castles are warmed up to room temperature, when the royal family uses them, and they are kept according to the Slots - and the Danish agency for culture by a minimum of 10 degrees, when not in use, so as to avoid, to the furniture and walls are infected with mold.

Photo: Aleksander Klug

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