Pitched bizarre nipples in the Lion's den: How goes it now

on Thursday evening got the DR1-viewers allowed to see the product as Emilje Nordgård have invented, when she stood up in 'Lion's den' with TwiddleTip, there

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
17 January 2020 Friday 01:00
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Pitched bizarre nipples in the Lion's den: How goes it now

on Thursday evening got the DR1-viewers allowed to see the product as Emilje Nordgård have invented, when she stood up in 'Lion's den' with TwiddleTip, there are fake nipples for breastfeeding.

She tried to sell all of the rights to the product of 200,000 crowns, and five percent of the revenue of future sales, but none of the five lions bed on.

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Emilje Nordgård is, however, yet satisfied, though she had to go from the 'Lion's den' without an investment. It she says to Ekstra Bladet.

- It was a fun experience to participate in something you have seen on television. But it was also quite nerve-racking. I was fairly nervous before I asked me in front of them. I'm usually not the type who has a fear of examinations. It tends to almost give me a kick to go to the exam, but right here, trembling voice a little, she says.

- I thought that it was 50/50 as to whether one of the lions would go with my proposal. But I had it such that if none of them would go with, then I would hit a mention as I never even would be able to obtain with my finances. So my expectations are, after all, been fulfilled.

the Lion, explaining that they would not invest in the product, was, among other things, to Emilje Nordgård would not be a part of it anymore, when she sold all 100 percent. And she can certainly understand.

- It is their money, so it determines the fortunately even. I can also follow what they say in the program. It makes fine sense. I understand that, but it is too bad for me. But this is what it says Emilje Nordgård.

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As the Emilje Nordgård went in front of the lions, she had her fake nipples under the shirt, and it created big laughs in DR1 program, since the conversation first started.

- I'm so childish. I'm so sorry, said Jacob Vogl, when he could no longer keep the mask after eye contact with Jesper Buch.

And medløven had even a comment to associate with the fake nipples.

- For me it's the most bizarre product, which has come into. It does not mean that it is not good and has a purpose, but it is sateme bizarre for me, said Jesper Buch in the program.

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the Reactions surprised not Emilje Nordgård, however, felt that it was too much.

- I had seen it coming, both because the product is different, and on the way I even came in with TwiddleTips under the shirt, she says, and continues:

- But I'm glad that the basic mood was serious, since first we came into a dialogue, she rolls fast.

the Programme was recorded in the autumn of 2019, and since then has Emilje Nordgård continue the sale of TwiddleTip.

- There have been sales quietly on my web store since the shootings. I have so far not made it wild, but nevertheless, I have been in contact with Opfinderrådgivningen to get help and feedback and advice to get in contact with international companies, she says.

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In the 'Lion's den' she tried to sell the rights, but she has not made further attempt at subsequent.

- It keeps the I still dear though. So right now, it continues quietly with the sale of my shop, as it has done until now.

But it is not on the product, she currently has the majority of its focus.

I just started with theses in my studio, so I have priority, that it is the place where I put my energy in the moment, she says.

- I hjemmepasser my girls, so I only have three-four hours - five-six, if I'm pushing it a little bit - to make it. So I give priority to my thesis, but when I'm done with it, so I put a greater effort in time compared to the TwiddleTip. There is a design on, so there is no one who runs with it.

Emilje Nordgård is a trained teacher and reader, currently a master's degree in education, and in the section she made it clear that it was mainly it, she had a burning desire to work with. And it was, therefore, she would like to sell the rights to the product. The feeling is sitting she is still with.

- This is it, I am passionate, and my heart beats faster when I think of it. But I'm 29 years old, and I have no hurry, so I'm gonna achieve all of my plans, although I see one now and something else afterwards, " she says, and affirms that she will not sell the right to the product, unless the right offer comes.

- I am not giving away for free. It is a good invention that nobody else has the rights to, and there is interest from abroad. So I have just thought me to follow.

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Therefore, regret she does not, she chose to ask the lions about 100 percent of the business, even though it was something that several of them mentioned as the reason why they withdrew.

- I'm not going just to sell a little and then see what it leads to. Either I am running it completely out, when I prioritize the time for it, or do I sell it all to someone else who can then put his energy in the project.

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