Game over, Caroline: his Career is over

MELBOURNE (Ekstra Bladet): the Girl, who, as the mantra was ’one ball at a time’, has turned the last of its kind on the top. After 30 WTA titles including a

Game over, Caroline: his Career is over

MELBOURNE (Ekstra Bladet): the Girl, who, as the mantra was ’one ball at a time’, has turned the last of its kind on the top. After 30 WTA titles including a

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
24 January 2020 Friday 11:00
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Game over, Caroline: his Career is over

MELBOURNE (Ekstra Bladet): the Girl, who, as the mantra was ’one ball at a time’, has turned the last of its kind on the top.

After 30 WTA titles including a grand slam and a sæsonfinale, and 71 weeks on the verdensranglistens the first place is 29-year-old Caroline She career is over.

It happened a little unexpectedly in the third round of the Australian Open against the accomplished tunisian Ons Jabeaur, which deservedly won the fight against to the last, hard fightende dane with a 7-5, 3-6, 7-5.

along the Way in his last match played Caroline in periods too short back in the track with the forehand, and even the usually dependable backhand failed against tuneserens varied strokes with plenty of spin, speed and finesse.

Photo: Greg Wood/AFP/Ritzau Scanpix

On the way came Miss Sunshine on the long stretch to look like a shadow of itself.

But she also showed her giant fighterhjerte and fought back after a lost first set and 0-3 in the third, before she then finished his beautiful career by going out on the extreme distance of a fight.

After the match, it was a clearly moved Wozniacki, who received the spectators ' tribute and also the rest of caroline's family was clearly influenced by the now entered retirement.

She waved bravely and even found a little black humour, above:

- It was probably only fitting that the last match should be a tresætter and end up with a forhåndsfejl. So it would just be, it sounded tearful from Caroline Wozniacki, who thanked his fans and, not least, his family.

And a special thanks to my dad who has trained me all these years, she said - and her broken voice.

- There are some special moments we've shared.

- But I'm actually happy and ready for the next chapter. Perhaps seeing in me, not on the track, then around the the.

I gave everything I had, it sounded from a crying Caroline after the match. Video: Discovery Networks Denmark

And then there was otherwise doomed video-praise from her rivals, before Caroline again thanked his family and his friends.

Immediately after getting the saw on the track and shared her tears, before Piotr lifted her arm. Caroline went about that, sir, with the Dannebrog standing ovations.

Photo: Kim Hong-ji/Reuters/Ritzau Scanpix

virtually all of 10,500 seats at the Melbourne Arena was filled, as Caroline Wozniacki went out for his fight in the third round against tunisian Ons Jabeur, and the mood was high already before the first ball.

After the presentation of the two players, the set time in Neil Diamonds ’Sweet Caroline’, and the audience began both to swing and sing with.

On the track, it was Caroline Wozniacki, who first found the song. She held effortlessly serv and broke his 25-year-old opponent. With a baghåndsvinder down along the line she brought also easy on the 3-0.

But then woke up the world number 78 otherwise up to the deed and showed how many tools she has in the toolbox. Slice, stopbold, lob and a blast of a diagonal advance was suddenly aired, and then was broken back for 2-3.

Photo: Greg Wood/AFP/Ritzau Scanpix

Photo: Greg Wood/AFP/Ritzau Scanpix

the Battle was now reset and completely straight. Wozniacki got tilspillet a breakbold, but after a passionate duel beat Jabeur a forhåndsvinder down along the line and levelled the game shortly after with an ace.

An approving murmur spread on the rows, while Jabeur spillemæssigt sat in the driver's seat.

Shortly after it was tuneseren, who stood with a breakbold, and dane took their time with the service. A big ones restored, a smart down the track gave gamebold and a third also gave the direct point – even on the andenserven.

Jabeur equalized effortlessly, and then came the She the serve under pressure. Down with a breakbold she had to wait a few nervous seconds of Hawkeye, before Jabeurs ball was sentenced millimeter out, but on the next she clasped her backhand out. 4-5.

It was not the first time in the match, the usually dependable backhand failed. Fortunately, there were gifts to pick up in the next batch, where Jabeur after several mistakes threw a slice into the net for 5-5.

Photo: Kim Hong-ji/Reuters/Ritzau Scanpix

Photo: Kim Hong-ji/Reuters/Ritzau Scanpix

Tuneserens forhåndshammer got a new breakbold, which was eliminated with a good serv, but then gave it yet another. Here was caroline's not-so-competent andenserv punished.

Unfortunately, this was Wozniacki playing cards back, and it was punished. A screwed andenserv down in T’a, dies after 43 minutes set. A set that featured 15 tunisian winners against the measly two Danish.

Jabeur found the lines in the second problem the first duel, but the dane got pulled servepartiet to himself, before tuneseren spiked at 1-1.

Wozniacki spill out in front, and stood shortly after with a breakbold, which was rejected with a shotgun, tunisian serv. Another paved the way for a smash to 2-2.

in Front 3-2 got the dane a new opening, but the first breakbold was servet away, and it was the next also unfortunately. 3-3.

the Dane spill themselves purely in front of, and then told the board that she stood with three breakbolde. On the second beat Jabeur in the network.

Patrik Wozniacki direct from Melbourne: It is a little strange. Video: Discovery Networks Denmark

So should the set serves home, and with signaturslaget, backhand down the line gave her two sætbolde. The hev she the home via a Jabeur-recipe, a serve down the line.

the Audience cheered with ’wozzie, wozzie, wozzie’, but it was tuneseren that came tuned out for the third set, where she broke the dane, who again beat the ball out, when she tried to go longline with the forehand.

Caroline, who had just fought themselves back in the match, served now again the short balls for his opponent, as almost every time he was punished. Jabeur lobbede at 3-0.

Then followed a long serveparti, which just had to be won. With a rather small ’come on’, drew Wozniacki to the home. Then it was immediately much more loudly from her box, as she tilspillede a breakbold. Jabeur beat it out.

Now you would think that the dane would show some more initiative, but she was still too passive in many duels, and she came down with all three breakbolde, before she with great difficulty got servet at 3-3.

A good baghåndsreturnering paved the way for a breakbold, as Jabeur spill away, before she with a easy smash brought himself in front of the now very dense and tension-filled atmosphere on the buildings of the stadium.

According to the Danish relief she brought to her relatively easily in front 5-4.

It was an accomplished tunisian who ended caroline's career. Photo: Edgar Su/Reuters/Ritzau Scanpix

So should Caroline next to it, that could be his last serveparti, and she did so with loud support in the back.

She kept composure. 5-5.

It did Jabeur also. 6-5.

Deep breaths, new pressure.

Jabeur played a beautiful stopbold and lobbede ahead 30-15. Shortly after took Caroline a challenge, and Hawkeye convicted match point.

The ball struck Wozniacki out, and thus she beat also themselves out of the sport, she influenced for so many years.

Without the dog, as a human being to be knocked out.

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