MTF (Male to Female) Trans Dating Online

26 August 2019 Monday 03:41
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MTF (Male to Female) Trans Dating Online

“Love is an open door.” If you’re a lover of Disney princess movies, you’ll recognize this line from one of the iconic songs in Frozen. If you’re an avid Disney fan, you should also know that the phenomenal blockbuster movie is getting a second instalment this coming November – and boy, I can’t wait.

Anyway, as I was saying, this line may have come from a fictional animated movie but it couldn’t be more relevant to what our society needs to understand today. Love is not something that thrives on condition; it is not something that survives only when certain conditions are observed. If you’ve ever experienced it first-hand, you’ll know how insane, irrational, and unselective love can be (check this out). It knows no shape, no color, no form, and no gender. It is an open door, an open door for anyone to come in and experience.

But why? Why is it that society still finds it so hard to accept love that breaks taboos? It’s as if the majority of people only recognize love when it is something they can understand, something they can see. However, let me remind each and every one of us today (including myself) that love, when truly experienced, is supposed to not make sense. It’s supposed to not be immediately understandable. It’s a sweet mystery nobody, not even the greatest minds of history, was able to uncover. At most, we experience and understand this overwhelming feeling differently. We understand it based on how we feel.

What I’m trying to accomplish right now is not to change your views about certain things but to learn how to respect the views of others – especially when it comes to matters of the heart. The kind of love transwomen experience, for example, is no different from that of biological women. At the end of the day, if you strip people down to the bones and just leave the beating heart there, we would all look the same. This means that at the end of the day, we all love the same way.

It just so happens that trans people have a more difficult time owning up to their romantic feelings because society is quick to judge what they do. But if we drop the act and just see people as they are and not as what their genders are, I think the world will become a place of respect and understanding. You know, trans people are already battling a war you don’t know anything about and yet they wake up every day, smile at strangers they meet on the street, and remain hopeful that a day would come when people will finally see the beauty of their heart. If you ask me, this is real strength.

Fortunately, the reality of finding true love for transgenders is possible now more than ever. With the help and cooperation of various institutions and governments, their rights are now given more attention. Instead of drowning their voices, many establishments now help them speak with volume. And now that there are free transgender dating site for those seeking love, the chances of finding true love in the real world is no longer a pipe dream.

Yes, you heard that right. There is now a safe haven for every transwomen looking for real love in the real world – and paradise for men who are looking to love one too!

The Struggles of Dating for A Transgender

You might think that trans people are always so happy-go-lucky but just like you, they experience big problems as well – especially where it concerns matters of the heart. Everyone deserves to be loved equally but not everyone thinks they deserve it. You may be completely unaware of this but transsexuals have a harder time believing others’ affection for them. They tend to think that they’re just being played and that biological men and women don’t really take them seriously. If a straight person has trouble believing love confessions, just imagine the struggle a transgender woman has to go through whenever a person of interest proclaims his love for her. She is literally torn between “wanting to believe” and “experiencing disbelief.” It’s a wild mayhem of emotions.

Why is this so? Why is it so hard for them to accept the fact that somebody can indeed love them for who they are?

You see, it is only but recently that the LGBTQA+ rights issue have been brought to light. For many, many years, these people have been subjected to inhumane abuse (physically and mentally) and bullying. They have been judged for being themselves and that is very unfair and painful on their part. It makes them question who they are and why they’re here. It is not their choice to feel disconnected to their biological sex appointment. Gender dysphoria is not something you choose to begin with. It’s a struggle in and all by itself. And yet, some people detest them for it. Read more about this condition here:

Now that society has become more accepting and tolerant of the existence of the LGBTQA+ faction, that doesn’t mean everyone holds the same opinion. There are still people who oppose and this makes transwomen feel anxious about themselves. It makes them doubt other people’s motives. Add the fact that they have to deal with backfiring hormones due to the sex reassignment procedure they went through. This is why although websites are made specifically for transgender women to feel welcome; you can’t make them trust you all too easily. Trust grows with time and consistency. If you are really serious about pursuing a transgender woman, then you better have the balls for it.

Never think it’s going to be “easy” because it’s not. In fact, it’s going to be twice the challenge. This is because aside from the obvious challenges that come with courtship, you also have to let them unburden themselves to you – to decompress all their insecurities in front of you – before you can finally convince them that there is a lot about them to love. But hey, feelings that are worthwhile are feelings worth fighting for, right?

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