A chef's trick to make scrambled eggs with a professional twist and surprise

Scrambled eggs are a kitchen staple.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
01 April 2024 Monday 11:32
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A chef's trick to make scrambled eggs with a professional twist and surprise

Scrambled eggs are a kitchen staple. They have a lot of versatility, whether to prepare them alone or accompany them with other ingredients such as avocado, cherry tomato, salmon... They are also ideal for any meal of the day, from breakfast served on toast to lunch or dinner. A cheap, simple preparation loaded with protein, with a delicious flavor.

But precisely because of the simplicity of scrambled eggs it may seem that it is a boring dish, when the reality is that you can give them an original touch without difficulty. We are not only talking about what you accompany them with, but also about the way to prepare, serve and present them. For example, this professional chef's trick to make the eggs look like a showy flower on the plate and thus surprise the diner.

Yotam Assaf Ottolengui is a famous Israeli chef living in the United Kingdom. In addition to being co-owner of five delis and restaurants in London, he is known for the publication of leading books in gastronomy, such as Ottolengui Simple, Ottolengui Sabores, Exuberancia, Plenty or Jerusalem.

On its social networks it is also a cult source for learning new recipes, as it has 2.4 million followers on Instagram and 220 thousand on TikTok. Precisely on this last platform is where they have shared their trick for serving “folded scrambled eggs.”

It is a preparation halfway between scrambled eggs and French omelet. In the video, one of the chefs at the Ottolengui Chelsea restaurant shows the trick to serving “folded scrambled eggs” with mastery and originality. An almost hypnotic procedure that is easy to do, with a very attractive result.

To make this preparation, it is essential to have a good non-stick pan, since otherwise you will not get the desired effect and your eggs will break, when what we need is uniformity in the mixture. It is also important that the eggs are very well beaten, with a liquid and fluid consistency.

Put a little oil in the pan over medium heat and pour in the eggs. When you see them starting to bubble in the center, gently shake the pan to prevent them from sticking. Then, using a spatula or silicone tongue, completely drag the eggs from one end of the pan to the other. Then, move the resulting waves of the already set egg to the sides as seen in the video, folding it on itself, while it spreads and progressively sets in the rest of the pan.

When all the egg is curdled and folded in this peculiar shape, remove it from the pan, without turning it over, as the top surface should be slightly liquid, with a very creamy texture. At Ottolengui's restaurant they serve these “folded scrambled eggs” accompanied by smoked salmon, grilled focaccia bread and crème fraîche (which translates as fresh cream and is the same as cream).