How To Avoid Getting Sick: 11 Tips And Tricks

Colds and illnesses take a lot of time and effort, and it seems impossible to live without various ailments. Or maybe you can? What secrets are hidden by people who have no health problems?

30 December 2020 Wednesday 16:25
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How To Avoid Getting Sick: 11 Tips And Tricks

Colds and illnesses take a lot of time and effort, and it seems impossible to live without various ailments. Or maybe you can? What secrets are hidden by people who have no health problems? In this article, we will provide you with top tips and tricks that will help you stay healthy and get sick less often.

How To Get Sick Less Often

1- Time To Sleep

Many of us try to save time on sleep by relying on a morning coffee or an energy drink. Work, family, and household chores come first, with a full night's rest last on the list. What does this approach lead to? To a decrease in immunity and health problems, especially if only 4-6 hours a day remain for sleep.

Experts say a person needs at least 8 hours of sleep. The argument is simple: doctors rarely see people with proper sleep patterns! At the same time, it is better to fall asleep at a certain time - before midnight. Only in this case, your body will be able to recover, and in the morning there will be a lot of strength and energy.

2- Black Tea In The Morning

Most of us start our day with a cup of invigorating coffee, believing that it is this drink that gives strength and energy. What if you start your day with tea? It turns out that tea is able not only to give energy but also to be an active assistant in the fight against viruses.

And if there are problems with the cardiovascular system, then a mug of tea a day is simply necessary for you! Several studies have already been carried out in Europe on this subject, and, judging by the results, the effect is colossal.

3- Abandoning Bad Habits

If we monitor the habits of people who do not get sick more often, we will observe that they do not get involved in any bad habits such as drinking alcohol, using drugs, or smoking nicotine products. Therefore, for staying healthy you need to get rid of these bad habits and you can start by getting a detox treatment. It will help to remove all toxins from the body and give you a fresh start.

4- Communication With Loving People

This rule is perhaps the most pleasant one. To cheer yourself up, fill with warmth, and support immunity, it is enough to spend an evening with loved ones. These could be your relatives or close friends.

Do not neglect friendly hugs during such meetings, they have unique properties. Ideally, arrange friendly gatherings at least once a week, and then you will not be afraid of any illnesses.

5- More Fruits And Vegetables

From childhood we hear from parents: "Eat more vegetables and fruits, there are vitamins!" But for some reason, with age, we forget about this rule. But in vain! People who regularly supply their bodies with nutrients can safely forget about doctors for many years.

Here is an important life hack: all the necessary elements are contained in colored products. Pay special attention to citrus fruits, bell peppers, and everything about greens!

6- Slippers And Warm Socks

Due to cold feet, a whole bunch of diseases such as sore throat, kidney problems, and general malaise may occur. And this is not the whole list. The fact is that during hypothermia, blood flows to the brain, and circulation in the vessels of the limbs is weakened.

Feet and hands freeze, decreased blood flow means fewer infection-fighting white blood cells, and ultimately you become more vulnerable to germs. That is why experts recommend wearing slippers at home, and warm socks outdoors. In winter, wear woolen or containing modern thermal fibers.

7- Taking Care Of Your Gut

Thousands of different microbes enter our bodies every day. Some of them are incapable of causing harm, while others are the opposite. In order not to have problems with immunity, experts recommend restoring the intestinal microflora using natural probiotics: wheat bran, seaweed, apples, and more.

If this is not done, then disturbances will appear in the work of the gastrointestinal tract, and harmful toxins will spread throughout the body. Also, disturbances in the work of the intestines slow down the digestion process. This means that the whole body is deprived of important trace elements. In a word, take care of yourself and your diet, and then diseases will bypass you.

8- Yoga For Health

Yoga and meditation classes not only calm a person but also strengthen the immune system. A complex of exercises proven over centuries is aimed not only at physical condition but also at the concentration of internal energy.

So with the right approach, the results will not be-long incoming! After a month of regular training, your general condition will improve, and your sleep will become healthy and easy.

9- Wash Your Hands With Soap

This law is also known to us from childhood: we run to the table, and my mother asks: "Are your hands clean?" Washing your hands is necessary: ​​soap kills many harmful bacteria. However, this should be done not only before eating, but also after a walk, after a cough, or sneeze. It is also recommended that you always keep hand sanitizer nearby.

10- Hands Away From Face

Sometimes you just want to look away from the computer and rub your tired eyes or cover your face with your hand to rest a little. But a huge number of microbes accumulate on our hands. This is a great chance for them to be inside your body. Several years ago, experts conducted a study and found that frequent touching the face increases the likelihood of developing upper respiratory tract diseases by 41%.

11-Watching TV In Moderation

An unexpected turn? Well, yes! We thought that watching TV was by no means a useful activity. But it's too early to rejoice: doctors recommend spending no more than 30 minutes a day watching TV.

Experts have found that a short soothing break can reduce the risk of developing several diseases. The effect can be up to 80%. So you can safely arm yourself with the remote control and turn on your favorite show, but do not forget to break away from viewing in time.

Summing Up

By following the above tips, a person can stay healthy for a longer period and avoid catching viruses and diseases. Therefore, incorporate the above 11 healthy habits in your life and stay fit.