What is the best place to place the washing machine in a home?

The distribution of spaces in a home is an issue to which we must pay attention.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
17 September 2023 Sunday 17:05
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What is the best place to place the washing machine in a home?

The distribution of spaces in a home is an issue to which we must pay attention. This not only refers to the allocation of rooms within the plan of the house, but also to where we place certain elements such as the washing machine. This appliance is essential in today's homes and we use it almost daily, so it is not trivial to make the decision of where to install it.

Of course, the choice will depend on the space available in the house, since considering its location in a small apartment is not the same as in a larger house. In any case, each person's personal judgment also interferes in the decision. We are going to analyze the best places to place the washing machine in a home, with their advantages and disadvantages.

The bathroom is a frequent location for the washing machine, since it is very discreet and is a space that we associate with hygiene. Among its advantages, it is worth highlighting that it will not be so visible and that its noise will not be so annoying, since the bathroom is a room in which we spend little time.

As for the disadvantages, we must bear in mind that the bathroom can often be occupied, preventing us from doing the laundry whenever we please. In addition, they tend to be small spaces, so this appliance could get in the way and hinder passage.

In Spanish homes it is common to place the washing machine as another household appliance, something less common in other countries. It is practical because we can take care of the laundry while we cook and as a general rule they are spacious areas where we can easily load and unload clothes.

On the other hand, it is true that noises can be more annoying when we are eating. Furthermore, the kitchen is a room where we spend a lot of time and will be more visible, making it unaesthetic. This can be solved by covering it with a door as if it were a false cabinet, just as it can be done with the refrigerator or dishwasher. Finally, if you're cooking something with a strong smell, like fish, it could transfer to clean clothes straight out of the washing machine.

Terraces are an excellent space to install the washing machine on them. They do not hinder your passage, the noise will not bother you nor do they detract from the aesthetics of your decoration. You can also hang your clothes there, which is very convenient. Now, it is best that it be a covered terrace, so that the appliance does not get damaged by the rain.

If you have enough space in your house, it is best to have a specific room for laundry. In it you will have the washing machine, dryer, cleaning products, the iron, baskets to distribute the clothes... It is the most practical and functional, but make sure that it is comfortable to access this room. If, for example, you install it in the basement, keep in mind that you will have to go up and down stairs carrying laundry baskets.