Jéssica Bueno explodes against Carmen Alcayde and a monumental fight breaks out in 'GH VIP': “I don't even want to look at you”

GH VIP 8 experienced another monumental fight this Monday.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
27 November 2023 Monday 10:28
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Jéssica Bueno explodes against Carmen Alcayde and a monumental fight breaks out in 'GH VIP': “I don't even want to look at you”

GH VIP 8 experienced another monumental fight this Monday. On this occasion, as a result of the unification of the rooms and the fact that all the contestants have gone on to sleep together. This situation has generated a new conflict between Jéssica Bueno and Carmen Alcayde, after the presenter spoke with Laura Bozzo about Kiko Rivera's ex-girlfriend.

The model has heard some comments from the Valencian about her that she did not like at all and, then, she exploded. Screams, tears and a lot of anger is what has been experienced in the last hours in the house of Guadalix de la Sierra. And it seems that there is not a day that there is not peace.

It all happened while Carmen Alcayde and Laura Bozzo were having a conversation about the contest. They were the first to wake up in the GH VIP house and were chatting about what could happen. “The interesting thing is that Pilar and Jéssica go to the expulsion room, both of them, all three of them, have made mistakes,” commented the presenter, referring to the possible expulsion of the week.

The conversation between Carmen and Laura took place in the dark and while the rest of the inhabitants were still asleep. However, Jéssica Bueno woke up and began to applaud. “I'm commenting, is something wrong?” Alcayde said. And, then, Jéssica burst into tears: “It's not nice to be sleeping and hear them talking about you.”

Then, the rest of the contestants began to wake up and give other examples. “It's less comfortable to be sleeping and have two fool around when they've left you,” Naomi said to Jéssica in reference to Pilar and Luitingo.

"I do not do that. Feelings are above the contest. Leave me alone Carmen, I don't even want to look at your face. You are as always, missing. You're always talking about me, what the hell am I doing! It is one thing to give an opinion and another to judge,” Jessica pointed out in the midst of the outbreak. “How easy it is to say something to me. Are you afraid of Laura? We were both talking! That's how we are in the 'orange team', we talk about these things and if you are here you put up with it," Alcayde attacked.

Then, Luitingo also took part in the fight and said that he could have gone outside the room to talk about this. “You go outside and fool around with the other one,” Naomi attacked. To which the singer responded: “I do whatever I want.” The tension continued to grow.

Meanwhile, Laura Bozzo thought that you have to be careful among women, but Alcayde did not agree at all with her partner's words. “Thank you for defending me, with friends like you I don't want enemies,” she told him. With such a heated atmosphere, everyone began to shout at each other and throw insults and reproaches at each other. A tremendously bizarre situation.

Already during the broadcast of Última Hora with Lara Álvarez, the presenter gave her the opportunity to speak out regarding the fight with Carmen Alcayde. “I have the feeling that for three weeks the issue has been talked about behind my back and the entire time I have felt judged,” she explained.

“I'm tired, this morning I was asleep and I heard whispers, my name and in that moment that you don't think I got up, applauded and reproached Carmen. Here I don't have an opinion on anyone's life and I have felt watched for anything I have done, but no one stops to think about how I or he may feel," she said to settle the matter.