Dogs also parade: Ynésuelves makes them protagonists of Madrid Fashion Week

From September 12 to 17, Madrid hosts a new edition of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
14 September 2023 Thursday 22:57
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Dogs also parade: Ynésuelves makes them protagonists of Madrid Fashion Week

From September 12 to 17, Madrid hosts a new edition of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid. The capital dresses up to welcome the designers of the moment, who are presenting their proposals for their next collections. This is the case of Ynésuelves, one of the brands that has stood out the most, both for its incredible pieces and for its original parade, in which two dogs have also participated. This has been widely applauded through social networks.

It was this Thursday at 12:30 noon when the designer presented her new spring/summer 2024 collection, unveiled under the name Las Nereidas del Mar 64200. Ynés made those attending the show immerse themselves in a beautiful sunset bathed in outfits, totally in line with the romantic and characteristic style of the brand. Together with her mother, the artist María Osorio, they brought to life the sketches they drew freehand in her workshop, located in the Madrid neighborhood of Justicia, and presented satin dresses and original voluminous skirts.

In this collection, mother and daughter have managed to demonstrate that they have explored textiles to the fullest, and look for an emotion in color. Tulle is the protagonist of this collection, in which relaxed-style garments, sequined suits and other types of styles, such as denim outfits, could be seen. "Our clothes are made for absolutely everyone, they attract people who want to wear them. So, it doesn't have age, gender, or anything. Our clothes are for everyone," María and Ynés explain in a video shared by Harper's Bazaar Spain.

As both explain, "this collection is inspired by Biarritz and the sea." "It is inspired by the sea of ​​Biarritz and the magical world that my mother has invented while drawing," explains Ynés to the aforementioned medium. The collection is also inspired by Nerero and Doris, the sea nymphs, who live in the depths of the ocean and only appear when sailors need help, as she collects Hello!. Legend has it that these good mermaids were long ago in a fishing village located on the Basque-French coast and it is said that their world is full of colors, shapes and textures. However, the human eye can only see its white 'reflection'.

It is an inspiration that is present in each of the looks that were walked on stage to the rhythm of the performance of the artist Russian Red this Thursday. But if something stood out beyond the incredible outfits, it was that the models came out to parade accompanied by the dressmaker's pets, such as the greyhound Electra that she adopted, or a beautiful Dachshund. The dogs came out onto the catwalk, happy and proud, as they trotted to the steady pace of the mannequins.

The appearance of the dogs in the parade has generated a large number of reactions through social networks. "I want to see more dogs on the catwalks," can be read in one of the comments on a post shared by MBFW. "How beautiful. We should value these dogs more, they give us everything," says one Internet user. "What a nice gesture. We should be aware of the abandonments," says another follower.

Once again, mother and daughter have managed to conquer the most demanding experts on the scene with their parade. Ynésuelves has redefined how event guests who are passionate about fashion and want to make a difference will dress next spring/summer season. Furthermore, his parade with the puppies has made a difference. Without a doubt, one of those events that remain in the memory of critics and the public.