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How Online Schools Affect Education These Days

How Online Schools Affect Education These Days

27 April 2018 Friday 17:57
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How Online Schools Affect Education These Days

These days, it’s pretty common to find online schools. Unlike the traditional classroom setting, online courses allow the students to do their learning through the internet. Technology has made this possible as students may just enter a chat room or a webinar and listen to the teacher no matter where they are.

So how does this affect modern education? Will training institutes in Dubai, UAE and many other countries around the world become obsolete? Let’s check it out.

Online Courses Increasing in America

A 2012 survey targeting students taking online courses released results that showed how prominent online education now. According to the results, the number of students taking at least one e-course reached above 6 million. This means that online education appeals to many students these days. Furthermore, one of the researchers named Jeff Seamen stated that enrollments for higher education declined simultaneously.

This shows that students prefer taking online education instead of going to school. 

Why Students Are Drawn to Online Schools

Now that we know how popular online schools have become, let’s understand why. There are a multitude of reasons as to why students are drawn to online courses instead of a regular school.

  • Students from around the world can enter

Education no longer has a logistics barrier with online schools. In the past, you would have to enter a transfer student program if you want to study abroad. These days, you can access education from many different countries via online courses.

  • Logistics won’t be a problem

One of the great things about online courses is that they can be taken anywhere. You can attend class while you’re in a café or in the car. Logistics will no longer be a barrier when it comes to learning.

  • Online Courses Encourage Independent Learning

Unlike most traditional approaches, online learning encourages independent learning since the teacher isn’t there to pressure the students. If the student shows interest in the subject matter, the teacher will just provide resources in the cloud. This will result in better and more effective learning.

Online Education Versus Traditional Education

So in the battle between the two types of education, which one is more effective in terms of providing better quality education? According to another survey about online education by the Babson Group, 77% of the education leaders in the study state that online education provides the same quality education as face to face learning.

In fact, they state that online courses may possibly produce even better results. The reason for this is most likely because students now have the opportunity to flex and distribute their time more efficiently. This way, they can concentrate on each of their responsibilities properly and have time for each.


While online education has made a very big impact in modern education, it’s hard to tell whether or not they will replace face-to-face learning. However, one thing that is sure is that schools will eventually have to adapt and make use of technology in their education programs. As to how they’ll do it, only time will tell us eventually.

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