Considering starting your own business? Discover 5 popular ideas here

Considering starting your own business? Discover 5 popular ideas here

10 December 2019 Tuesday 01:54
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Considering starting your own business? Discover 5 popular ideas here

Building our very own business from scratch and leaving our regular 9-5’s behind is something we all dream about, right? We’ve all read and heard of success stories where a quick thinking entrepreneur began their million dollar business from their kitchen table and never looked back.

When all you need is an idea, it can be difficult to know where to begin. So, we’ve provided 5 popular at-home business ideas to give you a little inspiration.

Freelance writer

Do you have a flair for words and creativity? Freelance writing is an extremely popular start-up, simply because it costs very little to set up! From ghost writing to penning guest posts on popular blogs, creating online ads, SEO, transcription or even writing your very own book and publishing it online, freelance writing is ideal for creative and academic types who love nothing more than to express their opinions and provide advice. Having the right tools will also help you make a success of this start up, for example you can get your work proofread before publication to ensure it’s of the highest quality. Another way for your business to stand apart from the rest!


Who doesn’t love to indulge their sweet tooth from time to time? From wedding cakes to birthday celebrations, or just-because, indulgent cakes and delicious bakes is a business that’s booming! If you love creating sweet treats and have a gift for detail and decoration then why not create them for others to enjoy? Ensure you have the relevant food hygiene certificates and start building a portfolio of your work online. You could even consider selling your bakes at local fetes and street markets. 


Thanks to the influence that video has in online advertising, more and more businesses are looking for videographers who can capture and highlight their services and make it attractive to prospective customers. While the initial cost of the equipment is expensive, and you might want to invest in various media courses to ensure your videography skills are up to date, you’ll be in high demand and no two days are the same! If you’re a creative type, then videography could be for you.


We all lead very busy lives, often working long hours with very little time to dedicate to housework and tidying. It’s these reasons that make the cleaning business the perfect market to tap into. The initial overheads are very small and if you enjoy cleaning then you’ll love this! You can clean other people’s homes, or commercial properties such as offices, or if you live near a resort then consider cleaning caravans and holiday lets!

A coffee shop

Love coffee? Why not turn it into a business? You don’t even have to have a premises – which could prove expensive. Mobile coffee vans allow you to take your hot, high quality products to your customers, think city centres, industrial estates, commercial property areas or shopping districts. You can even sell pastries, pre-made sandwiches and other to-go items.



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