Fight the noise in your car

Old cars are noisy. New cars are quiet. How could you think that the world was, but it is far from all new cars, there are quiet inside. This is due to several

Fight the noise in your car

Old cars are noisy. New cars are quiet. How could you think that the world was, but it is far from all new cars, there are quiet inside. This is due to several

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
21 mart 2020 Saturday 11:00
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Fight the noise in your car

Old cars are noisy. New cars are quiet. How could you think that the world was, but it is far from all new cars, there are quiet inside. This is due to several factors – partly the costs of noise reducing material, money, and even a few dollars saved on one's car is to millions, when you are producing many cars.

first, the new cars be more energy-efficient, so manufacturers skimp on the weight, resulting in thinner materials, that creates the resonance.

It was the bad news, but nothing is, as you know, so bad, that it is not good for anything. In each case several companies ready to do something about the problems. We have tested two methods that can be used individually or combined, if your pocketbook allows it.

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the New cars have larger and wider tires than cars had in the past. It gives more tyre noise, although tyre manufacturers are working to reduce the noise. A second source of noise is wind noise that typically comes from the side mirrors and dørlister. Wind noise is the hardest thing to do something about it. Then there is the engine noise – a problem which becomes less as the engines are replaced to the electric motors in the coming years.

the Last sources of noise, which is important to take with you, is resonance. It is the noise that occurs when the parts go in oscillation. If you look under the carpets in the car, you will see some sheets of bitumen, which is glued on to the body assembly only. They dampen the vibrations and the sound from here, but also the vibration damping material will get the axe and to.

Before you start with sound deadening, so is there some relationship you need to consider. When you dampen a sound, so that it can get other sounds to appear higher.

So if you dampen the hjulstøj and engine noise, can noise appear more prominent, although the overall sound level is lower. It is, therefore, some think there is more wind noise and tire noise in electric cars. Typically it is because the engine makes a noise much less than an internal combustion engine.

the Honda Civic is one of the cars, as well might need a little more insulation from the factory. For the test here we have used two copies of the latest generation and a referencebil without any kind of extra noise. We have run into the cars right after each other on the same wheel.

The white Civic belongs to Anders Bisgaard of Aalborg, and the gray belongs to Mikkel Bach from Odense. Referencebilen is borrowed at the Terminal in Aarhus. They have all made their cars available, so the effect of lyddæmpningen can be assessed.

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is a undervognsbehandling with extra cushioning.

The white Civic has been treated by Dinitrol by Skalborg Undervognscenter. The car was virtually new, and in the pictures it is clear that behind the cover plates just varnished plate. First get the wheel arches and at the bottom a thick layer of the product, as the foam further up, so it both works noise and resonansdæmpende.

the Car must not have been undervognsbehandlet in the past, and there must not be rust. Subsequently, you can choose to have the normal rust on top. It got Andersbil, and the treatment for both noise attenuation and undervognsbehandling is 7.330 kr.

Photo: Ebbe Sommerlund

is the classic noise reduction.

The gray Civic was sent to the Carsound in Odense, where it got a classic sound deadening. It consists of the vibration damping and rust inhibiting butyl coated with aluminium foil. It rolled in the doors and in the bottom of the passenger compartment and the cargo area.

Then mount a layer of foam, which is noise - and temperaturisolerende. In addition to muffle the sounds, isolates the also the cabin, so the air conditioner needs to work less hard. The processing, Arrangement car, costs approx. 7.500 kr. in materials and assembly.

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, we meet for a test drive. The first in a completely standard Honda Civic, which we drive a testrute with. Testruten have different asfalttyper and are both on the highway and road. The wheels from the first Civic to be mounted thereafter on the white Civic, and the same route is run.

It is quite clear that the pebbles hitting the bottom, not heard near so clearly. There is also less hjulstøj. Overall, the feel, the sound pressure level lower, without however, one can say that the car is decidedly quiet. But a clear improvement.

Then mount the wheels on the Arrangement car, and the trip is repeated. The noise is lower than a standard Civic. In particular, there is less noise from behind. Stones at the bottom is heard a little clearer than with the Dinitrol treatment. For Mikkel is lyddæmpningen however, the right one, since he has upgraded the plant and it helps the lyddøde doors tremendously on the sound.

the Conclusion is that the methods works, but you can't expect a noise level as in a luxury car. Which method is best depends on the temperament. Dinitrol works better on stone and water towards the bottom, while only the traditional method gives a better sound from the plant and a better sound when slamming the door.

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--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

Solution 1: Undervognsbehandling with noise reduction

the wheel arch is completely just from the factory, so there is not much noise suppression. A thick layer covers the whole of the wheel arch, so the resonance and noise is attenuated. Photo: Ebbe Sommerlund

Works great on the sound of rock and water at the bottom

You can get the car corrosionproof in the same place

No resonansdæmpning in the doors

Can only be performed on new or nearly new cars

7.330 kr. incl. undervognsbehandling

In this case it is Dinitrol, but other antirust chains are offering the same treatment.

– Civic’a støjede more than the Accord Executive, we had in the past, but we are totally down on the very acceptable level now. The biggest difference was at 70-80km/h in our ears, but the noise is now gone, " says Anders Bisgaard, the owner of the Civic that got extra Dinitrol treatment.

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Solution 2: Traditional noise reduction

added butyl-plates in the doors, bottom, and trunk – top of the added foam, which insulates for noise and temperature fluctuations. Photo: Ebbe Sommerlund

Can be carried out on all cars – new and old,

We can target the treatment

the Sound from the facility will be better

the Damper from the inside, so stones hitting the bottom and the casing, will not dim as well as at the Dinitrol treatment

the 7,500 kr. by Carsound

– It has certainly helped in my, thus, this is a completely different car, the sound in the cabin in my exceptional. And especially the plant, it plays far better as the doors have got three-layer soundproofing, says Mikkel Bach, the owner of the Civic, who got the traditional sound deadening.

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