Coronageneralen was too vague: - I regret

the Roses are pouring over the 55-year-old gynecologist Søren Brostrøm, as we have learned to know as the whole of Denmark coronageneral. Anyway, I regret he

Coronageneralen was too vague: - I regret

the Roses are pouring over the 55-year-old gynecologist Søren Brostrøm, as we have learned to know as the whole of Denmark coronageneral. Anyway, I regret he

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
18 mart 2020 Wednesday 22:01
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Coronageneralen was too vague: - I regret

the Roses are pouring over the 55-year-old gynecologist Søren Brostrøm, as we have learned to know as the whole of Denmark coronageneral.

Anyway, I regret he is over the square announcements about that coronatruslen hardly would hit Denmark.

The former communist and the current director of the national board of Health applauded otherwise for its clear and accurate communication to the public on pressemøderne with regeringstoppen.

Therefore, it has repeatedly sparked the hurricanes of rage on social media and in angry emails, when journalists have asked critical questions to Søren Brostrøm about the changing messages from the health authorities on the galloping coronaepidemi.

Community - 12. mar. 2020 - pm. 19:56 Danish consultant doctors gave the green light to smittespredere

- The last eight days is the number of inpatients, the danes increased by 1743 percent. Almost a 20-fold increase. When should the curve by flat out, if our hospitalssystem not to break the together?

- So. Your percentages are a little daring. Now the epidemic started and is entering the second week. Before the 12. march was the most infected abroad. Now it begins to be infection in Denmark. We begin to see more ill and several hospitalized in intensive care. We fear that it evolves over the coming weeks.

- It has been promoting, you should expect a fordoblingshastighed of six-seven days. How far must we go, before the system can collapse?

- An epidemic is rising, and at a time fades it out. Experience in the course of three months. The top is theoretically around week six or seven. It is too early to say how the curve will develop in Denmark.

- Our plan is that it does not break down. Therefore, it is politically decided very drastic measures, which among other things repeals the application of patients ' rights, for example behandlingsgaranti by law.

- 30. January you said that there was a very, very small probability, that there would come a contagion to Denmark. At the time, had the infection come to Germany. What built you your opinion on?

in retrospect, I regret I am of the opinion. We discovered coronavirus in China in the second week of January and had a very large level of safety. But it was insulated in some cities with millions of inhabitants in China. We looked at what there was of connecting flights from there to Denmark ... At the time there were some infected chinese tourists in France and a German man, who had had contact with a chinese woman. We considered that there was a low risk. It kept the connector in a month.

Advice to citizens from the health authorities in the Region to the South 11. February.

- as late as the middle of February sounded the advice for the citizens out in the Danish regions, that the risk that the corona came to Denmark, was very small. How could you take so much error at the time?

- In the situation it was a real assessment. If I regret something in retrospect, then I would be more precise on how long my risk assessment applies. A kind of informative label with an expiration date that says when to make a new risk assessment.

- A prominent physician said at the same time that the fear - which the media propagates - is far more contagious than the corona virus is. Citizens should in the future rely more on the media than on the Danish authorities?

- I don't know. It was said based on past experience. Panic can actually be a bigger problem, if one does not face an actual threat to the Danish society. It was my experience with ebolatruslen in 2014, which was the case in Europe. There was a great fear, which was not relevant in Denmark.

- But in relation to the covid-19 we did not know what we know now. I should have been more precise in relation to, that it was a risk assessment on the knowledge we had at that time.

Even after a dane had come infected home from the ski area in the north of Italy, there were chief physicians and the experts who advised people to take down on the break. You should not cancel. It has been a beneficial advice?

in retrospect, do we get any infection introduced from the north of Italy and Austria, which we gladly would have escaped in Denmark. However, from the risk assessment, so it was what we knew. We have received many infected from Austria and Italy.

the Danish policy - 11. mar. 2020 - pm. 18:49 500 passengers from coronazone walked out in Copenhagen

- As you in January so the far-reaching measures in several chinese cities with millions of inhabitants. I thought you saw that it was an overreaction from the communist dictatorship – or were you thinking that even communists can act rationally?

- I do not think, that I thought with the word, as you suggest there. It was first and foremost a great concern for China and the chinese people. I knew well that China does not have the strongest health care system. I was also concerned with whether the chinese authorities were open enough. In the beginning of February we find out how contagious this disease is.

- In the beginning selected the chinese authorities to deny the risks of coronavirus. The same did the regime in Iran. It might look like the reaction from the Danish Health and medicines authority and the Danish authorities. In denying the also, that this could go wrong?

- It is not correct. We activated our emergency preparedness 21. January in the Danish Health and medicines authority. And has been in the time each and every day to be prepared for this. Get risk assessments from the serum institute, and to turn our health care system.

the Danish policy - 7. mar. 2020 - pm. 19:10 Expert criticism of Mette's coronaplan: please Tell us the unpleasant truth

- One can get the impression that In a very long time had a focus on to avoid panic and nervousness in society. Understated In risk rather than to provide real information on the background of health professional knowledge?

- It can I do not recognize. We had no such conscious aiming to avoid panic. We did our risk assessment. But it is true that we are at a point in the last half of February goes out and says that we have restrained optimism in relation to the epidemic in China. There we had seen the infected in Europe and a smittekæde in Munich, which is so worrying out.

- Now we go in the same direction as China. Our borders are closed. Not after a medical assessment – but by a political decision. Political decisions are more effective than health assessments?

- When a society is threatened by a violent crisis, as Europe is now. So, of course it is the government and the Parliament who must take the decisions. Our main focus is health and elderly care as well as communication to the public.

What had happened to coronasmitten in Denmark, if all of these actions, we now see, had been completed a month ago?

- It is a little too hypothetical to, that I can answer it.

- When I look back from the situation we are in now, so I understand well the question. Underrated In it not? But we had some other assumptions at the time, emphasises Søren Brostrøm.

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