3 Important Reasons Why Programmatic Ad Buying is Perfect For Your New Business

3 Important Reasons Why Programmatic Ad Buying is Perfect For Your New Business

29 August 2017 Tuesday 10:45
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3 Important Reasons Why Programmatic Ad Buying is Perfect For Your New Business

Congratulations on launching your new company. With a great line of products and a team with plenty of talent, you are poised to take the world by storm. All that remains now is to connect with consumers, cultivate an image, and build your reputation. Advertising and marketing will be an important part of how quickly and how well you achieve your goals to be considered among the best in the industry. By choosing to make use of programmatic ad buying as part of the advertising effort, your business has a better chance of flourishing. Here are three reasons why you need to consider this approach carefully.

Greater Insight into Your Targeted Customer Base

One of the benefits of going with a programmatic marketing platform is that the automated approach provides a wealth of information about how well your ads are doing. You will be able to determine where the traffic to your website is coming from, based on where your ads are placed. This helps you to get a better idea of how well you defined the criteria that the platform uses for seeking out and purchase online ad space.

Those results may also serve as the basis for identifying a secondary consumer market for your goods or services that had previously escaped your notice. Thanks to the data collection, a demographic that is different in terms of location, income level, or gender may become apparent. If that’s the case, you just received greater insight into who is looking for your products and who is likely to buy them.

More Strategic Placement of Your Ads

Identifying the right places to run ads is a lot easier when it’s automated, but it still requires some adjustment from time to time. A programmatic approach does save quite a bit of time on the front end and it will also help with tweaking where your ads are displayed when the need arises. When a site that you thought would yield lots of results turns out to be a bust, it could be the ad itself. It could also mean you need to change the details used by the platform to place the display advertising. Since the results are returned much faster than more conventional advertising strategies, you have the chance to make some changes quickly and buy ad space on sites that really will result in higher business volume.

Higher Returns for the Money Spent

Think of all the costs that go into operating a manual online advertising campaign. Members of the staff devote hours of their time to the effort even when an advertising agency is used for most of the work. You also have to absorb the costs associated with the hours that the advertising professionals allocate to your account. On top of those expenses, there is the time and effort spent trying to find the best places to display your ads.

The thing about programmatic advertising is that you can accomplish the same ends while reducing the up front costs. The automated selection and purchase of ad space streamlines the process so you can devote more financial resources to other areas of the business. At the same time, the efficient placement of those ads increases the number of people who click on the ads, visit your site, and decide to place an order.

Many new businesses don’t make it past the first year. You want yours to be generating a net profit before 12 months pass. Talk with an expert and create a programmatic advertising campaign today. It won’t take long to begin reaping the benefits.


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