The Valencian fashion and personal care trade increases sales by almost 20%

When the use of the mask outdoors was made more flexible in June 2021, lipstick sellers were encouraged again.

08 June 2022 Wednesday 20:33
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The Valencian fashion and personal care trade increases sales by almost 20%

When the use of the mask outdoors was made more flexible in June 2021, lipstick sellers were encouraged again. In fact, the National Association of Perfumery and Cosmetics, which brings together more than 400 entities that manufacture and distribute perfumes, cosmetics and personal care products in Spain, saw its market grow by 7.8% in 2021. Above all, the sale of perfumes and color cosmetics, where lipsticks come in, those that Winston Churchill encouraged to use in times of war to "lift the spirits of the population".

Just what in this pandemic has cost so much to overcome, encouragement. But once the ban on social relations was opened after Covid-19 and with the arrival of the progressive reduction of restrictions, especially from the second half of last year, there has been a boost to the trade of fashion and personal care products. .

It is the reading made by the Report on retail distribution in the Valencian Community for 2022 -prepared by the Pateco Office of Commerce and Territory, of the Valencia Chamber- that points to these two factors to explain the increase in sales in fashion stores and personal care of 18.3%.

However, they point out that these companies have not yet managed to recover pre-Covid-19 sales levels, since they were the group most affected by the pandemic.

However, consumer trends -which have undergone variations due to the pandemic- suggest that consumers are now more concerned about health and personal care, and that this implies an opportunity for articles dedicated to hygiene, protection personal, sports practice, business related to healthy living and organic products, etc.

On the other hand, also due to the effect of confinement, the group of products for the habitat has increased its sales by 9.7%, says the report, because the Valencian consumer has still kept the home as the center of their activities. This one has indeed exceeded the sales levels prior to Covid-19.

In the Valencian Community there are 59,875 retail stores, characterized by their fragmentation and the presence of small-sized stores. 52.2% are run by an entrepreneur without dependent employees and 30.7% have between 1 and 2 employees. Due to the importance that commerce has in the Valencian economy and therefore, in that of the capital, the Valencia City Council adapted this year the Barcelona program Amunt Persianes to give way to closed commercial premises on the ground floor.

Applications can be submitted until November 15 of this year or until the credit allocated to the call is exhausted. At the moment, the City Council confirms that there are 133 instances presented and granted a total of 96, amounting to 1,358,407 euros.

The project aims to "revitalize neighborhoods with the opening of new businesses in low vacancies and thus generate a positive impact in the neighborhood itself and throughout the city," says the Deputy Mayor for Economic Development, Pilar Bernabé, whose department confirms that between Next week or the next, the payments to the beneficiaries are authorized, since they must first be approved by the Local Government Board.

The projects benefiting from this municipal call may receive up to 20,000 euros if the premises are in neighborhoods that have severe commercial desertification such as Benicalap, Ciutat Fallera, El Botànic, El Pilar, La Roqueta, Marxalenes, Nou Moles, Russafa, Soternes, Tormos and Torrefiel.

Projects located in neighborhoods that show signs of commercial desertification may receive up to 15,000 euros: Aiora, Arrancapins, Beteró, El Calvari, El Carme, Els Orriols, En Corts, La Creu Coberta, La Petxina, La Seu, La Xerea, Mont- Olivet and Morvedre. Finally, businesses that are set up in the rest of the city's neighborhoods will be able to receive up to 10,000 euros.



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