The Polish government compares the EU with Putin

The Polish government accuses the European Union of being “imperialist” and threatens to wage war against it if it continues to deny it recovery funds.

14 August 2022 Sunday 14:40
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The Polish government compares the EU with Putin

The Polish government accuses the European Union of being “imperialist” and threatens to wage war against it if it continues to deny it recovery funds.

Without specifying what the "closed artillery fire" that it intends to open against the EU would consist of, Warsaw has opened an unusual verbal barrage.

The head of the Government, Mateusz Morawiecki, yesterday accused the EU of practicing imperialism towards the smaller member countries and has compared it to nothing less than Putin's Russia.

"The position of Germany and France in the EU weighs much more than all the other member countries combined," he says in the German daily Die Welt.

Formally, he says, the EU is a democracy, but in fact it is an oligarchy where power is held by the strongest. As if that were not enough, the Polish head of government warns that this "imperialism of the EU must be fought in the same way as the imperialism of Russia". Morawiecki demands a thorough reform of the Union to "reestablish the common good and equality as its guiding principles."

Already on Tuesday, spokesmen for the ruling Law and Justice party opened fire on the EU when the European Commission declared that Poland had not fully complied with EU demands to reverse its outrage over the judiciary and restore the independence of the judiciary. judges.

Failure to comply means that the 36,000 million euros of the recovery fund corresponding to Poland remain blocked. The same goes for the European funds planned for Hungary.

Of the three conditions of the European Union to release the recovery funds, Poland has only met one (and partially), reforming the disciplinary chamber of the Supreme Court instead of replacing it with an independent court. But the Government continues to refuse to annul the sanctions already applied and has not reinstated the judges punished with suspension from their positions.

In addition, and because Poland continues to ignore the ruling of the Court of the European Union that demanded the abolition of the aforementioned punishment chamber for judges who disobey government orders, Poland has to pay one million euros a day.

Since the Government of Law and Justice undertook its authoritarian drift by taking control of the judiciary, there has been a growing tension between Poland and the EU. But until now the Government has preferred to avoid major words and drastic actions, choosing to maneuver to circumvent the criticism of the Union and avoid them with apparent concessions.

The current departure of the Government is unprecedented and amounts to a true war between a power that does not intend to adjust its way of governing to the guiding principles of liberal democracy based on the division of powers and the rule of law that reigns in the EU .

It was Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the de facto leader of the government, who gave the signal to attack the EU in hitherto unheard-of terms, "discovering" an alleged Russian-German plot to conquer Europe: "They (the powerful in the EU) intend to break us and subjugate ourselves to the power of Germany. We can't go back any further. We do not fit into the plans of Germany and Russia to dominate Europe. An independent, economically, socially and militarily strong Poland is an obstacle for them,” Kaczynski said in a recent interview for a government newspaper.

His spokesman then announced that the “tooth for a tooth” policy that Poland could undertake would include vetoing even the most important EU decisions and seeking to remove the President of the Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, and the entire Commission: “ We are not ruling anything out,” the spokesman said.

The opposition, which in recent months has risen in voting intention polls, has been quick to respond to the government's anti-European outburst. “Kaczynski is taking us out of the EU step by step with a maniacal attitude. Words like 'cannons' and 'closed artillery fire' sound ridiculous, but believe me, it's no laughing matter anymore," said former Liberal head of government and former European Council President Donald Tusk.



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