The 'Betty' squall arrives: drop in temperatures and storms in Catalonia

The suffocating heat wave for large areas of Spanish territory is finally over.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
25 August 2023 Friday 10:22
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The 'Betty' squall arrives: drop in temperatures and storms in Catalonia

The suffocating heat wave for large areas of Spanish territory is finally over. This Saturday, the passage of the Betty squall will cause a drop in temperatures in large areas of the interior of the peninsula, while they will continue to be high in the south and southeast of the peninsula and in the archipelagos, with the probability of rainfall in the Cantabrian Sea, Catalonia, the Pyrenees and areas of the Valencian Community.

According to the forecasts of the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet), the drop in temperatures may be notable in points of the southwest and northeast of the peninsula, while the increase in values ​​will be pronounced in the extreme south, exceeding 36 degrees in the southeast of the peninsula, Mallorca and areas of the Canary Islands.

It will be possible to reach 40 degrees in the Guadalquivir and in Murcia, and the minimum will not drop below 24-26 degrees.

The Betty storm will leave unstable weather, with abundant cloudiness and precipitation in the north and northeast, cloudy skies in Galicia and Cantabria, with strong storms in some parts of the Bay of Biscay.

In the rest of the north and in the center, light rains can be registered, stronger in the Pyrenees and, finally, in other areas of Catalonia, areas of the Valencian Community and, with very strong gusts of wind, in the south of Iberia.

In the rest of the Peninsula, slightly cloudy skies are forecast, with intervals of medium and high clouds that will reach the Balearic Islands; while in the Canary Islands there will be cloudy intervals in the north of the islands and, in the mountains, clouds of evolution, without ruling out a shower or storm.

The morning mists will be visible in the Strait and Alborán, in high areas of the extreme north of the peninsula and in the Balearic Islands; The haze in height will once again be the protagonist in the Canary Islands and the south of the peninsula.

The wind will be from north and west components in the north of the peninsula, extreme southwest and the Canary Islands; from the west on the Atlantic slope; south and east in the Mediterranean area, with very strong gusts associated with storms in mountain areas in the northeast.

- GALICIA: slightly cloudy, with intervals of low clouds in the eastern and central interior, mist in high areas, stronger from north to south, with light rains that will arrive in the afternoon, scattered and less likely, to the southeast and some showers occasionally with storms in the extreme north and in the mountains of Lugo; clear and appearance of low clouds at night.

Falling temperatures that will be slight or unchanged in the northern third; wind from the north and northwest generally weak that worsens to moderate on the coast at noon and during the central hours also in the interior.

- ASTURIAS: overcast sky, clear in the morning, scattered light rains and intense showers and occasional storms at night, mists in high areas; minimum temperatures in descent and maximum with few changes; light winds from the west and northwest on the coast and from the north and northwest in the interior, increasing on the coast from west to northwest in the interior.

- CANTABRIA: morning and night mists in high areas, cloudy skies with clearings in the southwest and light intensified rains in the afternoon; falling temperatures, more noticeable in the southern highs; light north and northwest wind that will turn west on the coast, where it will intensify to moderate from noon with strong intervals.

- BASQUE COUNTRY: overcast skies, light rains from the north and intense rains with some storms in the western half, heavy showers on the west coast; notably decreasing temperatures in the southwest of Álava; light north and northwest wind, with moderate intervals in the interior of Álava.

- CASTILLA Y LEÓN: morning banks of low clouds in the Cantabrian region and north of Burgos, intervals of high clouds in bands from northwest to southeast, finally leaving bare skies, with probable cloudiness of evolution from the northwest and rainfall with stormy phenomena to the east of Soria and Central system.

Declining thermometers, accused in the maximum; light variable wind, turning to the west and northwest in the afternoon and increasing in intensity, strong gusts may be registered from noon or associated with stormy phenomena.

- NAVARRE: cloudy sky in the northwest and in the Pyrenees and cloudy intervals in the rest, where it also increases to cloudy or overcast at the end; rains in the northwest and probability of showers and storms throughout the community that in the Pyrenees could bring hail; lowering of thermometers; light wind from the north and northwest, with moderate intervals, except on the Cantabrian slope.

- LA RIOJA: banks of low clouds at dawn, cloudy intervals and precipitation without ruling out storms in the Rioja Baja, mainly; falling temperatures -notably the maximum ones-; North and northwest winds.

- ARAGÓN: cloudiness increasing to cloudy skies, showers and storms in the Pyrenees until it spreads to the Iberian system; lowering of thermometers, especially in maximum temperatures; light northwest wind increasing in the Ebro valley, moderate southwest wind with strong gusts in the Iberian system in the afternoon and light southeast wind in the north.

- CATALONIA: slightly cloudy sky increasing to cover; showers in the Pyrenees, with locally strong storms, spreading to the rest in the afternoon; falling temperatures, notable in the maximum in the interior of the northern half; light to moderate south and southeast wind.

- EXTREMADURA: cloudy intervals, which clear up towards the end of the day, without ruling out some precipitation and weak and scattered showers, mainly in the mountainous north; slight presence of haze in the southeast, tending to subside.

Temperatures in notable decrease; light wind from the west component, intensifying from noon with occasional gusts that can exceed 50 kilometers per hour.

- COMMUNITY OF MADRID: intervals of medium and high clouds, with evolving cloudiness, without ruling out showers with storms; notable dropping temperatures; variable winds, from the southwest at noon and north at the end of the day.

- CASTILLA-LA MANCHA: intervals of medium and high clouds, with evolving cloudiness in the eastern half, more likely in the Central and Iberian systems, and probability of scattered and weak rains, especially in the Serranía de Cuenca.

Minimum temperatures in decline in the southwest and northeast, with few changes in the rest, except for ascents in the east of Albacete; descending highs; southwest and west winds with strong gusts in high areas of the Iberian system in the afternoon, tending north in Guadalajara at the end.

- VALENCIAN COMMUNITY: clear sky increasing cover, heavy showers, with hail; minimum temperatures with few changes, maximum decreasing; light to moderate wind from the eastern component on the coast and in the rest, variable weak, the eastern component predominating.

- REGION OF MURCIA: clear skies in general, daytime cloudiness in the inland mountains, with likely stormy showers that can be accompanied by very strong gusts, more likely in the Altiplano.

Rising minimum temperatures; decreasing maximums in the north of the region and with little change in the rest; light variable winds, with breezes.

- BALEARIC ISLANDS: morning mists, clear skies with intervals of high clouds; nocturnal temperatures without changes or in slight increase and daytime in slight decrease, light wind from the south with coastal breezes.

- ANDALUSIA: little cloudy skies, with intervals of diurnal evolution in the east, without ruling out rainfall and strong storms in the sierras, low clouds and even fog are expected on the western Mediterranean coast and the Strait.

Rising minimum temperatures, except in the northwest, where there will be a notable decrease, decreasing maximum temperatures in the western half and with slight changes in the rest; light north component winds, turning west during the day.

- CANARY ISLANDS: intervals of medium and high clouds throughout the archipelago, with a low probability of weak and isolated rain in the western islands, with a decrease in the afternoon. At night, intervals of low clouds in coastal areas to the north of the mountainous islands and in the west of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, little cloudiness in the rest of the areas, in addition, high altitude haze.

Temperatures with few changes in inland areas of the mountainous islands, few changes in Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.

Light to moderate wind from the north, which will intensify from the afternoon when there will be strong intervals on the southeast and northwest slopes of the mountainous islands as well as in the interior of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, light wind on summits with variable direction and a predominance of a more intense northern component at night.