And Cornellà shouts: "Yes, you can"

Building the chronicle was gibberish.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
24 May 2023 Wednesday 16:26
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And Cornellà shouts: "Yes, you can"

Building the chronicle was gibberish. The night, fateful for 65 minutes, enervating and tragic for Espanyol, gradually led to a magical communion between the stadium and its club: in a quarter of an hour, Espanyol went from a blushing (and almost final) 0-3 to a hopeful 3-3 while the audience went from "go now" to "yes, you can".

Experiences like the one last night reconcile the viewer, who willingly pays to live such a range of passions. The essence of football, in its most noble and Stakhanovist sense, unfolded on the Cornellà pitch, a prize for the perica fans who had kept their position, supporting the team.

It was hard to imagine such an outcome an hour before, just when a fatal coincidence was taking place, as inopportune as it was painful. The match was looming at minute 21. The RCDE Stadium was preparing the clapping. He was getting ready to pay homage to his Dani Jarque, eternal 21.

Just at that moment, Mario Hermoso found a way down the left flank, where Óscar Gil falters, he sent a pass into the area that made César Montes blush and Saúl beat Pacheco.

That was a silent blow, a torpedo on the waterline of the stadium, which ran out of strength and barely had a voice to, seconds later, pay homage to Jarque, who died fourteen years ago.

The matter became tricky for Espanyol, a calamity at home (eight games they have lost in Cornellà). The night turned gloomy, apparent technical KO for a boxer who has been wobbling for nine months, as long as the course lasts. Simeone's Atleti was Simeone's Atleti.

Collected and raw, the colchoneros displayed the cholismo.

Cholismo is silent, almost surgical. On inspired nights, one or two arrivals is enough to open you up.

Atlético had set up their web, barely flinching at the pecking of parrots, and in another two arreones, one on the edge of the break (Griezmann's ghost goal validated by VAR) and the other at the restart (Carrasco), sent Espanyol to the hole.

Disconcerted, the audience got lost in the vomitoriums, looking for a sandwich in the gloomy night, and then turned towards the box.

"Let him go," the parish chanted. He called for Chen's resignation.

Whistles arose.

“You don't deserve that shirt,” many shouted.

The chronicler caught yawns on the fly. There were supporters getting up from their seats. Atleti backed down, as professional as they were dispassionate. He did not celebrate his goals, he did not make a fuss.

Suddenly, the spectacle took shape in all its rawness.

Espanyol played everything. Atleti, the remains of a routine season, neither brilliant nor critical. Unnerved and powerless, Espanyol resorted to heroics. He did it when Atleti relaxed, bored of playing with his prey. Aleix Vidal came on for Óscar Gil and the Espanyolista right lane came to life. A delivery from Vidal enabled César Montes, who signed the 1-3 and woke up the stadium. Espanyol boxed in Atleti, who made a exit. Joselu made it 2-3 with a penalty and Vini de Souza equalized the score and the parish turned to the board. Seeing that salvation is three points higher, two days from closing, he revised the speech:

-If possible.

Spanish: Pacheco, Óscar Gil (Aleix Vidal, min.55), César, Cabrera, Brian Oliván (Braithwaite, min.78), Calero (Vini Souza, min.46), Darder, Nico, Denis Suárez (Edu Expósito, min .56), Puado (Pedrosa, min.78) and Joselu.

Atlético de Madrid: Grbic, Molina, Witsel, Giménez, Hermoso, Carrasco (Kondogbia, min.88), De Paul (Barrios, min.77), Koke (Reguilón, min.88), Saúl, Correa (Martín, min. 78) and Griezmann.

Goals: 0-1, min.21: Saúl; 0-2, min.45: Griezmann; 0-3, min.46: Carrasco; 1-3, min.64: Montes; 2-3, min.76: Joselu; 3-3, min.79: Vinicius Souza.

Referee: Melero López (Andalusian committee). He admonished Aleix Vidal (min.66), Grbic (min.75), Vini Souza (min.80), Carlos Martín (min.85), Giménez (min.94).

Incidents: match corresponding to the thirty-sixth day of LaLiga Santander played at the RCDE Stadium in front of 25,822 spectators