Prohens: "I am running to win; Armengol, to lose"

Marga Prohens (Campos, Mallorca, 1982) aspires to wrest the Balearic Government from Francina Armengol.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
22 May 2023 Monday 14:21
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Prohens: "I am running to win; Armengol, to lose"

Marga Prohens (Campos, Mallorca, 1982) aspires to wrest the Balearic Government from Francina Armengol. It is the first time that he heads the list of the PP and his ambition is to govern alone. She has been a member of Congress until now. Most polls give her victory, but not enough to govern alone.

He insists on governing alone, but so far no polls give him any options.

We only expect to have enough of a majority to form a government. We have a program that is our commitment to society and that is not going to be marketed with other parties. Governing alone gives stability and forces you to talk to a lot of people, which is what politics is all about. I don't foresee not ruling.

Does it mean that it will be Vox who decides whether to support him, if the case arises?

I am running to win the elections, unlike Francina Armengol, who is running to lose and lead a bloc. I speak for myself and my party. When someone comes forward to lead a bloc, they become responsible for the commitments made by other parties. I have freedom and autonomy and I only commit to my program.

He met weeks ago with a former leader of his party, José María Rodríguez, convicted of corruption. It can be harmed.

I have given all the explanations about a private lunch, in a private house. This issue has no further course.

His mantra: lower taxes.

Yes, and we will do it in the first hundred days with the elimination of inheritance tax on direct line inheritances, the most unfair thing there is in these islands. Many elderly people come to me and start crying with emotion after hearing this proposal at meetings. Nothing is more unjust than a death tax.

But the main problem of the Balearic Islands is not this, but housing. How is it solved?

Not burdening individuals with the problem, which is what Sánchez's law does, which is not housing, but access to your home; the owners are the biggest losers of this law. Housing has become a social and economic problem, because there are no workers; also public safety, because there are no policemen, and public health, because there is a lack of health personnel. We need to give public land to developers to build rental housing and eliminate taxes on the purchase of housing for young people.

You accept the ecotax for the first time.

We accept it, but we will change the destination of the money. The purchase of scooters is being subsidized with this money and this is a failure. It is necessary to invest in the improvement of tourist areas.

Should tourism be limited?

The left talks about degrowth. Armengol is presented in a blog and is responsible for what this blog proposes, which is to decrease. The PP will always be in front because this message is made from an office with a secure salary. Decrease in tourism means losing jobs and quality of life; decrease means that tourism will cease to be the social elevator of the Balearic Islands.

But the feeling of saturation is real and it exists.

It is necessary to set limits that are sustainable, both in the environment and in the economy, but environmental rules that involve losses for residents cannot be approved. The left has not wanted to manage saturation because it needs to sell the narrative of decline. They have done it intentionally because it is known in time how the seasons come and they have not acted to improve the situation: there will be a shortage of taxis, there will be traffic jams and public transport will be saturated. They want it to happen.

His predecessor, José Ramón Bauzá, caused a great confrontation with the Catalan.

I will not make Catalan a battle because it is not in the street. We are lucky to have two languages ​​that are used cordially. In the health sector, the unions say that it is an obstacle to getting health workers, which is why I will eliminate the requirement of Catalan to access health care.

And in education?

The young people must finish the compulsory stage with mastery of both languages, which must be vehicular respecting the idiosyncrasies of the centres. It is necessary to favor the choice of language in the first registration and it is necessary to introduce English decisively. The problem with education is not the language, but a Lomloe that no one wants and that here Armengol is the one that applied first. We will leave it in abeyance.

You had a very good relationship with Casado, do you feel comfortable with Feijóo?

I share a generation with Casado, but also with Ayuso. With Feijóo I feel comfortable, relaxed and calm because she understands the singularities of this community, understands the problems of the periphery and has given us a lot of confidence and freedom. He wants us to win, but he understands that there is no single way to apply the PP program.