The danes are going crazy over Mary image

5. February is a special day in the Danish royal family. It is crown princess Mary's birthday, and just today, she can celebrate her 48 birthday. Mærkedage

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
05 February 2020 Wednesday 06:00
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The danes are going crazy over Mary image

5. February is a special day in the Danish royal family.

It is crown princess Mary's birthday, and just today, she can celebrate her 48 birthday.

Mærkedagen has it the royal family have chosen to mark on the social media by sharing a spritnyt picture of the beautiful crown princess.

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And just that image is fallen in good soil among the danes.

the Picture has both on Facebook and Instagram at the time of writing together, got over 30,000 likes in just three hours, while it has been commented several thousand times.

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Her Royal Highness the crown princess has a birthday and reaches the age today is 48 years. Photo: Daniel Star

A lookup shared of THE DANISH ROYAL family (@detdanskekongehus) the

Below the picture you want thousands of danes, crown princess Marry congratulations, while also commenting on the new picture, and crown princess Mary's person in laudatory terms:

'Congratulations to Denmark's wonderful, beautiful, lovely, warm hearted Princess Mary', writes one.

'Beautiful, beautiful Mary, you make Denmark proud. Beautiful and lovely, and a worthy representative of Denmark. Big congratulations to our amazing, talented and industrious crown princess', writes another, while a third continues:

'Huge happy birthday to the World's best Princess. Thank you for Your always good mood, your obvious love for the crown prince and the children, their natural way to meet people and humble approach to their role'.

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'congratulations. What a great image. I hope you get a little 'me'time, and that you can enjoy your special day', writes a woman.

According to Søren Jakobsen, who is the author and kongehusekspert, it is not a surprise that the danes are so wild with the princess Mary.

- It is the many things that makes the danes love Mary. She is the modelsmuk. It must be said. The journey she has been on, from the ordinary girl and woman in Australia to the crown princess and future queen has been amazing. She has managed to live into the role in a way that falls in to the dane's liking. She has a social engagement with, for example, the Mary Foundation. She was dealing with something that makes sense, says Søren Jakobsen for Extra Magazine.

crown Prince Frederik and crown princess Mary of denmark at Fredensborg Castle. Photo: Keld Navntoft

Søren Jakobsen tells that the royal family have enjoyed the excellent care of Mary's presence.

- Her most important task was to ensure that the succession goes on. That she has done, and there was uncertainty about it for many years, because the crown prince went in and tumbled around. But with Mary, Frederik found his soul mate. She is the best party of Frederick, he says, and continues:

- She has managed to be royal in a very nice way. It is not innate, but she has had an ability to adopt the things that you need to. Style, she is at eye level, she may commit in relation to Defense, where she has been given a rank, and at the same time, she meets everyone's princess, for she could walk the catwalk in Paris or Tokyo. She is the divine, and she is elevated, but without being the over the for the people. She has a perfect balance between being a royal and not to be it, he says.

- So congratulations. Congratulations to Frederik and the Royal family. She has really done well, " he concludes.

For the time being is crown princess Mary of denmark resides in Switzerland, while her and crown prince Frederik's four children go to school in the popular skiby Verbier.

According to plan, she comes home to Denmark two months of time.

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