Tips to relieve back pain during pregnancy

The first weeks of pregnancy are marked by nausea and a permanent feeling of tiredness.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
15 November 2023 Wednesday 22:18
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Tips to relieve back pain during pregnancy

The first weeks of pregnancy are marked by nausea and a permanent feeling of tiredness. These symptoms decrease as pregnancy progresses, but they give way to other discomforts that you will live with on a recurring basis, such as back pain.

Back pain during pregnancy is mainly due to the growth of the belly. Its weight will load your back and, in addition, your center of gravity changes. As your belly grows, you unconsciously bend your back backwards to avoid losing your balance. To this we must add that the hormones are relaxing the ligaments of the pelvis, in order to facilitate the exit of the baby through the birth canal.

Although it is a recurring discomfort, there are simple tips with which you can relieve back pain during pregnancy, recommended on the Mayo Clinic blog.

Try to stand upright with your back straight, chest elevated, and shoulders relaxed back. While standing, spread your feet apart to be more comfortable. Also take care of your posture when you sit, using chairs that support your back or placing a cushion in your lower back.

Avoid flat shoes and also heels that are too high. It is best to opt for low-heeled soles and orthopedic insoles.

If you have to lift weight, do it by squatting with your legs, bending your knees. Never bend at the waist or strain with your back. Also, keep in mind your limits, don't force them and ask for help when you need it.

During pregnancy it is common to have problems falling asleep, due to discomfort, back pain, not finding a position, the need to go to the bathroom constantly... It is best to sleep on your side instead of on your back, with a or both knees bent. In this sense, it can be helpful to have a pregnancy pillow, which provides support for your knees, abdomen and back.

The Mayo Clinic says the evidence supporting these methods is limited, but they note that massaging the back, applying a heating pad, or an ice pack can be helpful.

Of course, it is essential to consult with your doctor about the possibility of exercising during pregnancy. But if you get the go-ahead, it's great for relieving back pain and keeping your back strong. Do moderate activities like swimming or going for a walk. Likewise, stretching will also be a great remedy.

Finally, techniques such as acupuncture or going to the chiropractor can help you relieve back pain during pregnancy, always consulting with your healthcare provider beforehand.