Should You Use SARMs

SARM stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. It is a new class of performance enhancing drugs which has elicited a lot of excitement although it has not yet been approved as prescription drugs.

Should You Use SARMs

SARM stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. It is a new class of performance enhancing drugs which has elicited a lot of excitement although it has not yet been approved as prescription drugs.

28 November 2017 Tuesday 14:53
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Should You Use SARMs

SARM stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. It is a new class of performance enhancing drugs which has elicited a lot of excitement although it has not yet been approved as prescription drugs. However, the drugs can be legally used for experimental purposes. SARMs contain therapeutic compounds that are almost similar to anabolic steroids. The only difference is that androgenic properties are reduced in SARMs. The fact that SARMs can differentiate between androgenic and anabolic activities is an advantage since your hormones are acted upon in a targeted way. This paves way for SARMs to be used in medical conditions such as cancer and muscle-wasting-diseases as a therapeutic drug.

How SARMs Work

They target the androgens in muscle and bone cells only therefore enabling you to lose fat and build muscle. They have an anabolic to androgenic ratio of 3:1 which is much better than anabolic steroids which have a ratio of 1:1. SARMs are more powerful and have less side effects on other parts of the body unlike steroids which help to build muscle but have a negative impact on the liver and other body parts in the long-run. SARMs are able to accomplish their goal of muscle-building and fat loss without affecting other body parts because they have a special affinity that targets muscle and bone tissues. Additionally, they do not break down into unwanted chemicals which often result in side effects. These drugs are much easier to recover from compared to steroids because they are less powerful, thus preventing the suppression of testosterone production in the body.

Studies on SARMs

Research has been conducted on 5 common types of SARMs which include Ostarine(MK-2866), Stenabolic(SR9009), Cardarine(GW501516) Andarine(S4) and Anabolicum or Ligandrol(LGD-4033). Cardarine has no published human studies but there are published studies on mice. When the drug was given to rodents which also exercised, it was noted that muscle increased by 50 percent. This enabled the mice to exercise more without wearing out fast. In mice, muscular endurance doubled, running time increased by more than 65 percent and running distance increased by 70 percent. Fat in the bodies of mice also decreased. Ostarine has been tested on humans and studies on its effect have been published. Elderly women and men were administered with modest doses of Ostarine for a period of 12 weeks. They were not exercises. At the end of the period, there was a decrease of fat by 1 pound and an increase of muscle by 3 pounds. Stenabolic works better when injected than when administered orally. The drug was tested on rats and a 60 percent more loss of weight was noticed in obese rats compared to mice injected with placebo. In mice, Stenabolic resulted in decreased inflammation, increased fat-burning and endurance. An increase in mitochondria in the muscles was also noticed. There was no change in diet when the study was done. Anabolicum has been tested on both animals and humans. In rats, the drug resulted in increased muscle mass and bone density with no damage to other body organs. In humans, males who took the drug for 3 weeks experienced an increase in body mass although they experienced suppression of testosterone for a short while. A different study using the same drug involved the participants consuming 22mg per day, a higher dose than the previous study, but participants did not experience the same side effects. Andarine is one of the earliest form of SARM. Usage resulted in modest fat loss as well as modest gain in strength and muscle. Most people who took Andarine reported visual problems include nighttime blindness and an altered colored perception. It is advised that Andarine be used together with Ostarine and Anabolicum

Benefits of SARMs

1. They are Selective They target only muscle and bone tissue since they have been designed to attach themselves to a part of the DNA responsible for synthesis of muscle protein. This is according to Oxford Academic journal of Endocrinology. 2. It is Safe. Ligandrol, also known as Anabolicum, is one of the most popular SARM. Studies showed that it is completely safe to use. Lipid levels and hormones returned to normal without therapy. Although it is safe, there are some side effects which include suppression of HDL and testosterone but these changes are not significant enough to pose a danger to the body. 3. Increased Muscle Strength According to research published by Dalton et al in 2014 in the Asian journal of Andrology, subjects taking SARM experienced increased muscle size and strength but the effects of the SARM started decreasing after the third month. 4. Regulates Libido A study published by Jones et al in 2010 in the Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics showed that women with low sexual desire experienced significant increase in sexual desire after taking SARM. According to a study published in the Asian Journal of Andrology in 2014, SARM may challenge testosterone replacement therapy treatment for late hypogonadism. This is due to its pharmacokinetics and pharmacology. 5. May Prevent Cancer Development An advantage of SARMs is that they do not convert to estrogen hence reducing the risk of negative side effects. According to research conducted by Dalton et al in 2014, SARM decreased weight of tumor cells by 90 percent and inhibited development of breast cancer.

Side Effects

Many people who have consumed SARM have not experienced side effects. However, there are some who have experienced suppressed HDL and testosterone. This cannot be considered dangerous since they are short-term and insignificant. Increased dosage of SARM or using multiple SARMs at the same time may lead to gynecomastia or a shutdown of the body. Hence, proper dosage should be administered. We do not know for sure all the details containing the side effects of SARMs, especially the long-term side effects. Until more research is conducted on humans, we may have to wait to see whether it is completely safe to consume SARMs for a long period of time with minimal to side effects.

Is SARM Legal?

SARM is legally used for experimental purposes only. Since it has not yet been approved for medical use on humans, SARM cannot be sold for any other purposes. It has also been banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency

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