The gigantic bill that 'MasterChef' intends to collect from the activists who threw paint at its restaurant

Masterchef has become one of the most famous television programs on the small screen.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
20 September 2023 Wednesday 17:09
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The gigantic bill that 'MasterChef' intends to collect from the activists who threw paint at its restaurant

Masterchef has become one of the most famous television programs on the small screen. The format has been carried out in different ways and has always achieved good data on the public chain. Eleven editions with anonymous adult contestants, eight seasons with celebrities, nine editions with children, two seasons with grandparents and countless specials make the cooking show more than well known among the population of our country.

Hundreds of applicants who dreamed of becoming stars in the kitchen have passed through the kitchens of the Spanish Television contest. Some, like Carlos Maldonado, have even managed to get a Michelin star thanks to his tireless efforts and everything he learned in talent.

The contest also makes visible the gastronomic culture and products of our country and around the world, something that draws the attention of food lovers and the most select diners. However, if Masterchef has remained on the air for so many years, it is for nothing other than the good audience data it has. The show in which Jordi Cruz, Pepe Rodríguez and Samantha Vállejo-Nájera participate is RTVE's 'goose that lays the golden eggs', since it does not tire the viewer and demonstrates with each broadcast that the audience really likes it.

The success reached such a point that the company decided to open a restaurant in Madrid where the millions of viewers of the program could go to meet the contestants and try the most famous dishes of the competition. Although the establishment was in operation for almost five years without problems, last February it suffered a mishap when a group of activists belonging to the 'Vegetable Future' movement poured paint in the dining room.

The supposed diners reserved a table at the establishment and ordered vegan food. When the waiter explained that there was none, they got up to throw paint around the restaurant while another person recorded. As they explained, they carried out such action in protest, since they are part of a group that fights directly against the Climate Crisis.

After the altercation in the restaurant, the police took away those involved, who were released accused of criminal damage. Currently, the events are being investigated by Court 31 of Madrid. According to the investigation portal Caso Abierto, the first assessment of the damage caused by the activists (which was carried out by the operations director of the premises) reaches 85,000 euros.

The worker assessed the damage to the program logo at 25,000 euros and assessed the detriment to the carpentry tools at an additional 15,000 euros. In addition, she pointed out that the couch suffered damage that would cost 6,000 euros, the wall suffered wear that would add 3,000 (as did the floor), the carpet another 2,000 and the grass at the entrance to the establishment another 6,000. Finally, we should add the damage caused to the table linen (1,500 euros) and the workers' uniforms (4,000 more). This list would amount to up to 85,000 euros due to the losses suffered by the restaurant due to the temporary closure of almost an hour and the invitations they gave to the customers present for the inconvenience caused.

Although the figure is scary, the accused must respond for the amount established by the expert appointed by the court, who can ratify the worker's report or create a new document.