Terelu Campos reveals in 'Así es la vida' the real reason for his enmity with Makoke

The war between Terelu Campos and Makoke seems to have no end.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
17 August 2023 Thursday 22:53
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Terelu Campos reveals in 'Así es la vida' the real reason for his enmity with Makoke

The war between Terelu Campos and Makoke seems to have no end. The daughter of María Teresa Campos and the ex-wife of Kiko Matamoros were co-workers and great friends for many years. But the relationship between the Mediaset collaborators cooled over time, to the point that the Malaga woman does not know the reason why her friend moved away from her.

Makoke's continuous scuffles with Terelu Campos's daughter, Alejandro Rubio, have not helped to calm the waters either. For this reason, this Friday both have seen their faces in the program Así es la vida, to settle their differences once and for all.

The finalist of What a vacation! She assured that she had sent several messages to the eldest daughter of María Teresa Campos and that she had never received any response. ''I would have liked her to have given me an explanation,'' she stated on The Last Night.

Given the silence of Terelu Campos, many speculations about the true reason for their enmity have come to light, but at no time has the exact reason been clarified. Something that has finally been revealed in the Telecinco program. After a video that summarized the situation of both, Makoke declared that the reason was not the confrontation that she had had with Rubio.

While the daughter of Terelu Campos assured that it was one of the main reasons, as her mother had let her drop. "My mother felt offended because it was hard for her that the two of us had a confrontation, because we've known each other our whole lives and for her it was a huge shock," said Alejandra Rubio. Makoke insisted on knowing why Terelu did not respond to her messages and the program collaborator replied that she would have to ask her about that.

After several minutes of speculation, Carmen Borrego's sister went live on the program to clarify the whole problem. "If it's about Alejandra's issue, I apologize, but I've asked you if there's anything else and you've never answered me," Makoke told him.

''If I haven't answered you, it's because it's difficult for me to answer you. What happened in the corridor, which my daughter never told me, seemed not ugly to me... I am going to try not to describe it, because I would never touch what you love most in the world in my life. Before, I immolated myself, because that person is part of my life, even though I don't have daily contact, that person has been like another daughter to me,'' declared Campos.

"If she did something that I think is not right, I would have taken her out with all the love in the world and told her this, it hurts me if you say it like that, I would have done it as a mother, not as a collaborator of television without any scruples," he asserted.