Laura Bozzo and Jéssica Bueno get into a monumental argument on 'GH VIP' and Oriana has to intervene: “Hypocrite, harpy”

The GH VIP 8 house is in full swing when it comes to disagreements and fights.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
26 September 2023 Tuesday 11:26
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Laura Bozzo and Jéssica Bueno get into a monumental argument on 'GH VIP' and Oriana has to intervene: “Hypocrite, harpy”

The GH VIP 8 house is in full swing when it comes to disagreements and fights. If a few days ago we could see how Luca and Albert got into a fight over a transphobic comment, on this occasion, the protagonists were Laura Bozzo and Jéssica Bueno at the expense of some comments from the journalist about Oriana Marzoli.

According to Bozzo, the reality show already has a winner and it would be the former MYHYV contestant. A statement that she allegedly said to Kiko Rivera's ex about Oriana and that, it seems, Bueno would have misinterpreted when the world championship was formed. But, until reaching this conclusion, the criticism continued.

It all happened after last Sunday's debate when Laura Bozzo accused Luca of leaking to Oriana the name of the person who had invested 200 euros to find out who each graph belonged to. When both denied it, the presenter exploded, revolutionizing the house of Guadalix de la Sierra.

Then, Sol Macaluso approached Oriana to say something: “Jessica told me that Laura said something terrible about you.” Oriana didn't take a minute to ask Laura and Jessica Bueno urged her to explain herself. In this case, Bozzo defended himself: “I haven't said anything, if you don't have the balls to fight with her because you're a coward, don't mess with me because I haven't said anything, I don't want to know more about you in my life. “You are going to meet Laura Bozzo starting today.”

“Didn't you say there was a winner already?” Jessica asked Laura and the presenter said: “I swear on my daughters that I didn't say that, in any case it's a compliment.” "Because I see something unfair, I make a mistake, she began to say that Oriana was always first and that it must be for a reason, they are making her the winner. I am only saying what I have heard, it makes me sad to see the falsity of the situation," Bozzo added.

To which Oriana addressed Jéssica directly: “You are much more calculating than you want us to believe, you just did this because it actually suited you.” “This lady is a hypocrite, a harpy. “I don't want to talk to you again in my life,” Bozzo said about what happened with Rivera's ex.

“Be very careful with her, she is the most double-faced person I have ever seen,” Laura commented shortly afterwards about Jéssica, who hours later led to a new disagreement at the expense of how they had achieved things in life.

“Everything I have had in my life I have had because of my job, not because of men,” the presenter said, causing her partner to cry, who had felt like she had been addressed. “I'm not going to lend myself to your nonsense anymore, it's over with me. Don't even look at me anymore,” she told him. “Shut up, you crazy piece of shit,” Bozzo even told her that she didn't understand what was happening.

Once in Límite 48 Horas, Marta Flich gave the three protagonists the opportunity to clarify what happened. Laura Bozzo wanted to make it clear that she “didn't know anything about Jessica's hand” and that the comment that bothered Jessica so much was not about her. But Bueno intoned “at that moment I felt addressed because we were both talking.”

Here, Oriana pointed out that “this is not the first time that Jessica has been referred to with a comment like this” and finally said that she does not believe “that anyone is referring to her.” Something that, it seems, usually happens with Bueno, who feels addressed with each comment.