'Euphoria' delays filming scheduled for this spring

Something happens in Euphoria.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
24 March 2024 Sunday 23:22
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'Euphoria' delays filming scheduled for this spring

Something happens in Euphoria. From HBO, the channel that produces the series in the United States, it is maintained that the third season will be broadcast in 2025. There has never been a rush. But, after assuming that filming of the new episodes would begin this spring, a statement now warns of new delays: the launch is maintained for 2025 but, for the moment, there are no plans to shout “action!”

“HBO and Sam Levinson remain committed to making an exceptional third season. In the interim, we are allowing our highly sought-after cast to seek other opportunities,” HBO explained to the Variety portal. The statement was made after rumors appeared on social media that the scripts had been scrapped and that Euphoria was, in fact, cancelled.

The information, however, allows us to see that pre-production is not being easy. Sam Levinson, the creator, has an anarchic modus operandi: he is fully involved in the projects during filming (even having marathon days that provoke complaints among the extras working on Euphoria) but he delays the development process in an unpredictable way.

With HBO's decision to allow actors to accept other projects, the involvement of all of them is also complicated, especially if the release date is maintained. You just have to look at the recent career of the leading actors.

Zendaya, who plays Rue in fiction, is enjoying the success of the second part of Dune while she is also known in movie theaters for her work in the Spider-man films. In the bedroom she has a film with director Luca Guadagnino, the author of Call Me by Your Name or Suspiria.

Jacob Elordi, known as Nate, is an actor sought after by prestigious directors: he has chained the Saltburn premieres with Emerald Fennell, Oscar winner for the script of A Promising Young Woman, and Sofia Coppola's Priscilla, Oscar winner for Lost in Translation.

And, while Colman Domingo, who is Martin, was nominated for an Oscar for his work in Rustin and Hunter Schafer released the prequel to The Hunger Games, Sydney Sweeney is Hollywood's new darling actress: she was able to release a box office disaster as Madame Web but she is also the protagonist of Anybody But You, the romantic comedy that has grossed the most in recent years.

With this talent, how are they supposed to balance the actors' schedules after pushing back the agreed-upon dates for this spring?