Top 3 Career Path Options for Business Analysts Preview

09 September 2020 Wednesday 18:00
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Top 3 Career Path Options for Business Analysts Preview

Whether you’ve just graduated school or are starting to look into the right online MBA program for you, you may be interested in pursuing a career as a business analyst. If you have a knack for organization and an eye for details, enjoy mining through large amounts of data to draw deeper conclusions, have good presentation skills and an interest in business operations, working as a business analyst could be a good fit for you. Because companies in every sector have an interest in identify problems early on, mitigating risks and remaining profitable, business analysts are likely to find work across a variety of industries. While this means that you’ll have boundless job opportunities open to you, it can also make it somewhat tougher to narrow down specific career paths you may be interested in pursuing. If you’re not sure which route is right for you, here are a few popular options that stand out.

1. You Can Move Across Industries

If you’re worried about being able to find business analyst jobs after graduation, you may be relieved to know that you’ll likely be able to find opportunities in every sector. As a business analyst, you can perform similar tasks of analyzing data to help your employer improve operations, products and services in just about any industry. This means that once you’ve acquired a core skillset, you can spend your career moving around and exploring different industries until you find something you really enjoy. You could even keep moving around just to continue to learn new things and get exposed to different industries!

2. You Can Transition Into Data Science

The business world today is in the process of a significant transformation due to ever-evolving technology, and business analysts are feeling the shift, too. Artificial intelligence and machine learning have left their mark on the niche, helping analysts to perform their jobs more accurately and efficiently while examining ever larger sets of data. If you’ve had some experience working with cutting-edge technology and big data, you can use this background to transition into a more data science focused career later on down the road. Data science is becoming increasingly popular and important throughout the business and research world, so this path is sure to provide security going forward.

3. You Can Work in Nonprofit Roles

If there are causes that are close to your heart and you’re not necessarily attached to the idea of working in a corporate role, you’ll be happy to know that business analysts can work in a variety of organizational structures, including in nonprofits. This means you’ll be able to forge a career using your skills while supporting causes you care about!

Regardless of industry, every corporation is interested in minimizing risks and maximizing profits, meaning individuals who work as business analysts can find job opportunities across every sector. If you’ve got an eye for details, are good with numbers and can sift through large amounts of data to draw meaningful conclusions, a career as a business analyst could be the perfect fit for you. If you’re not sure where to start looking, keep these popular options in mind and you’re sure to find the best path for your professional future.