How To Deal With A Car Crash In New York

How To Deal With A Car Crash In New York

19 September 2020 Saturday 07:06
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How To Deal With A Car Crash In New York

The state of New York is known all over the world as one of the most popular destinations in the United States. It is the 27th largest state in the country in terms of land area, but it ranks fourth in states with the biggest population. As of 2019, the Empire State has over 19 million residents.

Four of the most visited tourist destinations in the world can be found in New York, including the Niagara Falls, the Grand Central Terminal, the Central Park, and Times Square. Because of this, people from other states and different parts of the world visit New York to see popular attractions.

But like all the other busy metropolitan areas, high cases of accidents also happen all over the state. As of 2018, the New York City Police Department recorded over 220,000 car accidents. Some of the cases may involve tourists who are visiting the state for the first time. If a vehicular accident happens, the parties involved must contact a New York car accident lawyer to help them sort out the problem.

If this happens to you or your group while you are in the middle of your trip to New York, here are the important steps that you need to do after getting involved in a car accident anywhere in the state.

Check Yourself For Injuries

Due to the high level of adrenaline in their system after a traumatic event, it is possible for you to feel fine minutes after the accident occurred. But never assume that everything is fine just because you or your passengers can walk properly after getting out of the car. You must still call an ambulance so a medical expert can check you. If you are too dizzy to make the call, you may ask someone on the spot to call emergency care right away.

Take A Photo Of The Accident Site Before Moving The Car Out Of Traffic

It is advisable to remove the vehicle from approaching traffic to avoid further problems for other motorists. But you need to make sure that you will not force yourself to push or move a severely damaged car since it may cause further injuries. If you feel safe moving the car, you must take a photo of it first to record the accident scene.

The photo will be useful for the police and the insurance provider to assess the damages and determine the accident's cause. You must also show the photos to your New York car accident lawyer so you can use it as evidence when filing for claims if possible.

Call The Insurance Company

After ensuring that you and your companions are safe, you can start talking to your insurance company to deal with the necessary expenses due to the accident. You may ask the insurance provider to grant you a no-fault insurance application to cover the entire medical expenses and the vehicle's repair cost.

It also requires you to get a repair cost estimate for an authorized car repair shop, and then you must submit the insurance claim to your insurance company within the next 30 days. You must never delay the submission of the claim beyond that period.

Dealing with a car accident during your trip to New York can be quite a hassle. But you need to guarantee that you follow these necessary tips to help you lessen the difficulties resulting from the accident. It is also important to talk to a legal expert to ensure that you fix all your liabilities to avoid more future problems.

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