The unions demand that the Government implement the measures for the FP next year

The unions UGT and CC.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
02 April 2024 Tuesday 04:25
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The unions demand that the Government implement the measures for the FP next year

The unions UGT and CC.OO. They demand that the Government not leave aside the pending FP issues for the next course in which the legislative reform is implemented. They thus join the demand of the employers' associations Pimec and Foment del Treball who have asked for progress in the dualization of the FP. “We have some inconvenience added to the dynamics of the changes (of the FP): the current political moment that postpones very necessary decisions and policies,” the socialist union points out in a document to its bases that urges the Catalan political class to “stimulate and reach consensus” on decisions to avoid postponing decisions.

UGT highlights the approval of the guidance decree, which is in its final processing phase, pending receipt of the report from the Consell d'Educació. “The guidance decree is urgent and indispensable and cannot be left standing,” say UGT sources who also demand that the amount of 33 million that was committed by the Government to equalize the salary of technical professors be approved, but that since it is linked to the approval of the 2024 budgets, it is not planned to be executed.

“We have a problem with qualified labor and, specifically, with finding teacher trainers,” as evidenced by the need to replace those who are absent. “We cannot spend weeks or months without teachers,” the document quotes. For these situations, he believes that flexible formulas must be thought of that allow the hiring of specialists.

For its part, CC.OO., which has already requested a moratorium on the application of the new vocational training curriculum, insists on the need to deploy the agreed integrated centers (they include the offer of all training, both educational and occupational). in the Action Plan 2024-2027.

The commitment is that at least 40 public centers become integrated. At the moment, about 45 centers in total are in the process of becoming such, of which 9 are private.

The union organization is concerned about the lack of coordination hours of educational and work tutors who, when assuming a training role, will require greater monitoring than the current one.

They also believe that the reform of the public offer of distance learning must be addressed, a modality in growing demand that the private sector is taking advantage of, according to CC.OO sources. "We must implement more technological resources, open more positions, with more offer and greater diversity," the union indicates. "Now the Institut Obert de Catalunya, the public center, there is no clear governance because ESO and high school are also taught remotely.