The PP will summon Armengol to the Senate investigation commission on the Koldo case

The institutional conflict between Congress and the Senate continues to deepen.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
31 March 2024 Sunday 16:25
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The PP will summon Armengol to the Senate investigation commission on the Koldo case

The institutional conflict between Congress and the Senate continues to deepen. The PP has confirmed that the president of the Lower House, Francina Armengol, will be called to testify in the investigation commission on the Koldo case that this afternoon will be constituted in the Upper House, in which the popular group has an absolute majority and since which will mark the times based on the information that becomes known from the summary.

This has been confirmed by the deputy secretary of culture and spokesman for the PP, Borja Sémper, after the meeting of the party's steering committee, which has considered the news that appeared this Monday about the contacts between Armengol, when he presided over the Balearic Government, and the then minister of Transport, José Luis Ábalos, in relation to the purchase of medical supplies from the alleged corrupt plot, in which Koldo García operated as a liaison.

"If this information is confirmed, it would be extremely serious, as it points to direct dialogue between Mr. Ábalos, Koldo and Armengol," said Sémper, who wondered "how it is possible" that the Balearic socialist leader remains president. congressional. "We do not know the judicial consequences, but there must be political responsibilities," the spokesperson assured.

In this sense, Sémper has announced that in the investigative commission that will be set up today in the Senate, one of the first to appear will be Armengol herself, whose attitude she considers "criticizable", since, according to the PP, she should have made known of the Prosecutor's Office the calls that he allegedly received from members of "a plot that was funded by the mask business during the worst of the pandemic."

"Let him answer for his role," demanded the popular spokesperson, who recalled that the Balearic Parliament will also subject what happened to an investigation and that from next April 9 a specific commission will begin its work: "The PSOE resists, but everything is going to end up knowing," announced Sémper, who has recommended to the socialists, and among them the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, that they tell what they know "before a judge" or one of the members of the three investigative commissions underway. "Everything will end up knowing, by drip or by jet," he reiterated.

"Sometimes joining the dotted line is easy: if Koldo, who was an advisor to Ábalos, walked around the ministries with an unusual audacity for someone of his rank, and if Ábalos was a prominent member of the PSOE and had a very close relationship with the president, it seems reasonable to reach the conclusion that Sánchez knew it," concluded Sémper, who has accused the socialist leader of, first, not having acted and, later, of having placed Ábalos on the Congress lists to maintain its capacity.

And as for another of the workhorses of the PP strategy, the relations between Begoña Gómez, Sánchez's wife, with Air Europa, the airline rescued by the Government, Sémper did not want to advance events: "We are not ruling out anything" , has stressed the possibility that she may also be called to a parliamentary commission of inquiry. "We are analyzing what is the best way to know the whole truth. Time by time," said the PP spokesperson, who added that both Gómez and Sánchez himself, if they are finally summoned, "will have to appear" and respond to "the relevant questions".

"Sánchez knew everything and the PSOE knew everything, but they kept quiet about it, they covered it up and today, far from responding, they pressed the fan button to divert attention," concluded Sémper, who rejected that Koldo García could "deploy" a plot like the one investigated by the National Court without the “impulse of his superiors.”