MasOrange presents itself in society and confirms an investment of 4,000 million in three years


Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
02 April 2024 Tuesday 16:26
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MasOrange presents itself in society and confirms an investment of 4,000 million in three years

Masorange. That is the name of the new leading telecommunications company in Spain, which was presented to society this Wednesday. The new group that emerged from the merger of Orange and MásMóvil, declares itself with the aspiration of “being the best company in the world and for the world”, as presented by Meinrad Spenger, who was CEO of MásMóvil and who as of He will now be at the head of Masorange.

“It has been a longer process than expected. But finally I can present our new corporate identity, which is much more than a logo, it is a fusion resulting from many years of collaborative work. Even before the merger was considered,” Spenger recalled.

The orange sign and a black O divided into two hemispheres will be the logo of the new company whose numbers Spenger has reviewed. Leader by number of clients, with 30 million mobile phones and 7 million broadband, with a 40% market share.

“If we were a listed company we would be on the Ibex 35, with more than 7,400 million euros in turnover, 2,650 million euros,” the manager pointed out. The stock market price is one of the objectives set in the merger document, but it will still have to wait a few years.

In the short term, the industrial plan presented is based on five strategic pillars.

The first is based on promoting income growth both in the telecommunications sector and in the other additional services provided by the company such as financial, insurance, alarms and security, telemedicine, energy...

This generation of profit will be essential to advance in the rest of the challenges. “No one is going to invest anything if you don't earn enough money” With synergies we see investment capacity. The merger will generate 500 million euros of synergies, "most of them related to the optimization of overlapping infrastructures and which can be reinvested in the expansion of 5G and FTTH telecommunications networks."

In addition to the synergies, MasOrange has communicated an investment commitment of 4 billion over the next three years. This point was key to receiving authorization for their merger from the Spanish Government, which considered that a strategic company like MásOrange should seal a commitment to the future.

Like the synergies, this investment will be destined to the deployment of 5G and fiber technology. The objective is to deploy 6 million real estate fiber units and increase 5G coverage to 90% of the population “ensuring an ultra-fast connection with 9 times the speed of 4G.

Innovation is also among the priority objectives. Develop the latest technologies at the service of customers such as XGSPON, FTTR, Wifi 6E, Wifi 7, 5G Stand Alone or 5G network slicing, data and artificial intelligence “to improve customer experience and productivity.”

Finally, the company sets an objective that Spenger has acknowledged can be understood from the outside as “a utopia,” but that is “in the soul and intrinsic values ​​of the teams.” “MásOrange wants to not only be the best company in the world, but the best company for the world and a benchmark for sustainability and increase the positive impact generated in the world.”

In this sense, Meinrad Spenger addressed directly the 8,500 employees of the new company demanding their involvement in the project that is presented this Wednesday. “No one is going to leave this company against their will if they assume this spirit of work. We do not have any forced employee exit plan planned, but we need active, motivated people who live our values," he assured.