I only need the title

It happened to me suddenly.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
15 March 2023 Wednesday 17:26
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I only need the title

It happened to me suddenly. It's a great idea, of the kind that we professionals call coming-of-age. The protagonist would be a teenager who struggles to find his place in the world. There would be a lot of dystopia. Which one exactly, I still don't know. The teenager would be called Toni, which doesn't commit much to anything, but now that I think about it, maybe I'll call him Bruno, which is more current, as it were. Bruno tries to stop the addiction in which he has lived since he was born (his mother is a polydrug addict).

The action would take place in a fictitious city, a bit like Girona but with Lleida fog. Nearby there would be a nuclear power plant because that detail would mislead those who would think they had identified it. Does the city need to have a name? If we can save it, better.

In addition to the addiction problems inherited from his mother, Bruno would be torn between his platonic love for a schoolmate with Asperger's and doubts about his sexual identity. He doesn't quite feel comfortable in his XY body and considers transitioning.

Nico (I think he won't be called Bruno in the end) has problems with cauliflower. He doesn't like her and the only way to deal with her is by taking MDPV. When he does so, the image of an adult who abuses him appears in his dreams. A memory not assumed? The image is always the same, so the scene could be shot in half an hour and repeat it throughout the series.

They would be very slow chapters, which would allow us to delve into the toxic relationships that Nico lives and, above all, the aforementioned struggle to find his place in the world. That's basic. In any case, it should have many chapters, and several seasons, to lengthen the gum to the point of exasperation. Tomorrow I will start writing what we professionals call the bible and next week I will send it to HBO or maybe Netflix; I still have not decided.