Girona settles into a cloud with another exhibition of play and goals

Girona continues to be installed on a cloud, allowing itself to dream big, rubbing shoulders with the giants, without complexes, close to Real Madrid and Barça.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
18 September 2023 Monday 04:22
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Girona settles into a cloud with another exhibition of play and goals

Girona continues to be installed on a cloud, allowing itself to dream big, rubbing shoulders with the giants, without complexes, close to Real Madrid and Barça. In Granada, Míchel Martínez's team added their fourth consecutive victory, in their best start to the League, with an exhibition of play and goals that confirm them as the team that plays the best football in Spain and part of Europe. Tygankov, Sávio and David López scored the goals in a perfect first half and Yan Couto finished off to make it 2-4.

This Girona has a lot of merit, one of the most humble budgets in Primera, which lost 10 personnel in the summer - some departures as sensitive as Taty Castellanos, Riquelme, Oriol Romeu or Santi Bueno - and has rebuilt, with the help of Míchel, a solid block, as effective as it is brilliant in the cheerful and offensive game. Set in high pressure, with 'players' like Sávio, Iván Martín or Tsygankov, and with a new killer like Dovbyk, Girona likes and intimidates each other. He has already given a good account of Sevilla, Getafe, Las Palmas and Granada.

Andalusians and Catalans faced each other for the first time in the First Division League, but they did so in different circumstances: Girona, installed in glory, until this day as second in the championship in its best start in its fourth season in the top category, with 10 of 12 points; and Granada, already in deep water so early, third from bottom, as the most insecure team (12 goals conceded in four games).

From the start they made it clear on the pitch who was who, Girona taking the initiative of the game, dominating, and Granada watching them come. Although the Andalusian team had the first chance (m. 6) in a cross from Bryan Zaragoza at mid-height, Gazzaniga failed to block and the ball was left loose without a finisher.

It was an incentive for Girona, in which the former Blaugrana on loan Eric Garcia made his debut as a starter, forming a couple in the axis of the defense with Blind. The Montilivi team pressed and forced a first chance in a corner when Ignasi Miquel shot against his goal (m. 17), forcing Raúl Fernández to intervene.

It was the first warning. In the second arrival the goal fell, 0-1. An impeccable play and a beautifully executed goal from the Ukrainian Tsygankov. Sávio, the Brazilian on loan from Troyes, invented an electric transition on the left, got rid of one, two, crossed the field and gave way to the other end, upon the arrival of the Ukrainian, who controlled and scored a goal from the front (m. 22).

They continued with the high pressure, harassing Granada and as a result of that bite it was 0-2. Aleix García recovered in the middle zone, quick transition, ball to Sávio, who advanced a few meters with a martial air and launched a very powerful left foot shot that bent the goalkeeper's hands. Girona enjoyed and stripped their rival with a 0-2 lead in just half an hour.

And once we were in the festival of play and goals, Míchel's team sentenced the duel with 0-3 in a rehearsed set-piece play. A free kick from the right of the front that Aleix García served to the far post, where the giant Dovbyk rose to cross the ball to the other post where only David López had to push it into the net. The Vallecas coach's board worked perfectly. The perfect storm, 0-3 in 34 minutes in four approaches.

Granada was stunned by the Catalans' movement. So much so that Uzuni missed a goal with a header against Gazzaniga alone (m. 40). Before the break, Tsygankov had the score 0-4 after a dizzying slalom, but his shot into an empty goal was saved by Ignasi Miquel (m. 41).

In the second half, Granada shook off the bath that Girona was giving them and tried to come alive with Uzuni's 1-3 in the 63rd minute. The Albanian finished off a ball headed by Ignasi Miquel to the far post, which beat Eric Garcia.

Stuani had two chances to score the fourth (m. 73 and 81), and the Catalan team went from forgiving the possible 1-4 to suffering with Boyé's 2-3 (m. 85). He only worried for three minutes, because Yan Couto finished off with the 2-4 after another genius from Sávio (m. 88), a pearl that has conquered the Montilivi fans.

Granada: Raúl Fernández, Ricard, Víctor Díaz (Torrente 62), Ignasi Miquel, Neva (Diédhiou 83), Gumbau, Melendo (Puertas 74), Callejón (Villar 62), Bryan Zaragoza (Álvaro Fernández 83), Uzuni and Boyé.

Girona: Gazzaniga, Yan Couto, David López, Eric García, Miguel Gutiérrez, Blind (Juanpe 92), Aleix García, Tsygankov (Portu 68), Iván Martín (Yangel Herrera 71), Savio (Valeyr 92) and Dovbyk (Stuani 71) .

Referee: Díaz de Mera (Castellano-Manchego). Yellow in Uzuni, Melendo, Torrente; Yan Couto, Juanpe and Yangel Herrera.

Goals: Tsygankov (22), Savio (31) 0-2, David Lopez (34) 0-3, Uzuni (63) 1-3, Lucas Boyye (85) 2-3, Yan Couto 2-4 88).

Field: Nuevo Los Cármenes. 17,323 spectators.