Bacus supervises the harvest in Verdú

* The author is part of the community of readers of La Vanguardia.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
17 September 2023 Sunday 17:00
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Bacus supervises the harvest in Verdú

* The author is part of the community of readers of La Vanguardia

In the town of Verdú (Urgell) this weekend they carried out the harvest with the annual Bacus festival, teaching us the entire process to make the wine.

This festival also serves to promote the wines of the area, with a sample of the DO Costers del Segre wineries, but it also helps to keep alive the traditions and agricultural history of this town linked to the vineyard.

The festival includes wine tastings, a guided tour of the old town, the craft fair or musical performances, all to celebrate the grape harvest, that is, the collection or harvest of the grapes, which are the main protagonists in this photographic report in Las Photos. of the Readers of La Vanguardia.

In the Plaça Major you can see how wine was made in ancient times. Carts loaded with grapes collected during the harvest enter there.

Since ancient times, Dionysus, son of Zeus and Semele, is the famous god of wine, who in Roman culture was called Bacchus and who also gives his name to the Verdú festival.

The Bacus festival not only allows you to learn the wine production processes, but also to learn about the wine tradition in the Vall del Corb subzone, in an unbeatable environment such as the Verdú Castle.

It is a monumental architectural work, with a cylindrical Manresa tower 25 meters high and 25 meters in diameter, built around the year 1080. It has two Romanesque rooms, from the 11th century and is the only Catalan castle that preserves three large overlapping Gothic naves. one on top of the other.

Another notable heritage element of Verdú is the church of Santa María, which can be dated to the end of the 13th century, due to the austerity typical of the Cistercian order.

In Verdú there are four wineries that make and sell wine in the D.O. Costers del Segre and D.O. Catalunya, although it is also within the D.O. Digging.