Saga and Heidi opens the S/M school

You can take various tantrakurser, where you will learn about the lingam and the yoni and sexual energy and full-body-orgasms that you can tie and be tied on th

Saga and Heidi opens the S/M school

You can take various tantrakurser, where you will learn about the lingam and the yoni and sexual energy and full-body-orgasms that you can tie and be tied on th

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
17 September 2019 Tuesday 15:01
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Saga and Heidi opens the S/M school

You can take various tantrakurser, where you will learn about the lingam and the yoni and sexual energy and full-body-orgasms that you can tie and be tied on the courses in japanese bondage, and now you can also up your game in BDSM - for in Randers is now opening

Here share experienced dominaer out of their vast knowledge of the BDSM.

- We have for many years now talked with, guided and helped many different people, all of whom wanted to get started with BDSM or are stalled in their development. We see a great need for BDSM becomes italesat, more accessible and understandable for the general public, says the 31-year-old Saga, which is one of two dominaer behind the concept.

How is it right, to go about it? How to tell you about his desires to his partner, and how to get as a single on in this amazing universe. These are some of the questions that many BDSM-curious asking themselves, according to Heidi and Saga.

They will also help in practical terms: How and why do you put for example needles in the skin, what to look out for, and what should you actually put up with the needles when they are sitting there? How do you get a good experience, without it being awkward or feel unnatural, if your partner would like to experiment with role-playing? And how is it now, to give a spray or prostataorgasme.

the Goal is, according to the experienced dominaer, among other things, to do away with the many prejudices, often meet around BDSM.

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BDSM is the modern umbrella term for what you before called the S/M. It stands for Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sadism & Masochism.

- Some mistakenly believe that BDSM is mental ill or even psychopaths, but in fact, many BDSM-growers in deeper contact with yourself and know yourself, significantly better than the general public. Many studies show that BDSM practitioners are experiencing a less stressfyldt life, says Saga.

the 33-year-old Heidi, who calls himself the Dark Desire in his work as a professional dominatrix, supplement:

BDSM is very much about being seen by his partner, to be heard, accepted and challenged. It is about intimacy and intimacy in the relationship, which makes life a lot more fun, a part raunchier and deeper.

There are many techniques, very security and the knowledge that is behind BDSM. And it is important to have knowledge of these pitfalls in order to get a good and positive experience with BDSM so you don't fall into the classic holes, which often deters or can be potentially harmful, both physically and mentally, points to the Saga and Heidi, who - when they work professionally - also stands behind the

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Saga and Heidi will teach Mr and Mrs Denmark the basics, but also the more advanced aspects of BDSM:

- It is not ‘just’ to beat with a whip and wear dark clothes. We learn with the students through lectures, group instruction and individual instruction. It is both for couples, groups, singles, beginners and experienced, who want deeper understanding and guides. The courses take place all over the country, says Heidi.

Dominaerne based in Randers, where the couple - and solo-teaching will mainly take place. Here the curious few lessons focusing on their particular needs.

- You can see it a bit like a spiseseddel, where you can go in and put together exactly the menu to suit individual taste buds. We will talk about desires, limits, fantasies, possibilities and limitations. Everything from the simple ‘how to’ on how to pick up subsequent, you will be able to get answers to through the BDSM school, explains the Saga.

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the Saga tells how a scenario with a couple of may unfold:

- Often, we choose to take a conversation with the couple together and comes with very practical advice and guidance on how they can get on or start up in BDSM. We will then share the pair up and teach them about the topics that are relevant to their relationship, says Saga.

- If the desire is for there to be whipped, so we will typically learn the submissive on smertehåndtering. The dominant will get practical knowledge about, for example, slagteknikker, which matches the opéra bright and level. We will then, if the couple want it, make a follow-up conversation as well as practical training, which equips both parties to get exactly that out of BDSM, which they want.

If one has a limitation for the other's desire, will this issue also be taken up and together dominaerne and the pair a road, so the pair will have a positive approach to BDSM with lots of intimacy, presence, care, and affirmation.

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According to the Saga, and Heidi is BDSM a journey that all can take together. A deep journey, which makes all relationships stronger - if done the right way, explains the women, who points out that BDSM does not have to be about pain.

- We often hear 'BDSM is not something for me, I will not fight with a whip.’ This statement is possibly associated with one of the biggest prejudices about BDSM. It MUST hurt and it MUST involve pain, says Heidi, and the Saga continues:

- One need be neither masochist or sadist to practise BDSM. Maybe you just miss that sex is more than the planned onsdagsknald in five minutes, one party to take control or just on the whole takes sex and intimacy more seriously.

You can meet Heidi and Saga at this autumn's Erotic World.

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