Rejected game rekordbud in the Lion's den: - It was very simple

€ 15 million. crowns for 100 percent of the company. The offer was Joachim Latocha, when he on Thursday evening presented skjortevirksomheden Barons for the l

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Ann McDonald
03 January 2020 Friday 09:00
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Rejected game rekordbud in the Lion's den: - It was very simple

€ 15 million. crowns for 100 percent of the company.

The offer was Joachim Latocha, when he on Thursday evening presented skjortevirksomheden Barons for the lions in the 'Lion's den'. Here managed he to make an impression, and it got in the end Jesper Buch to send the great commandment in the rst place.

Joachim Latocha thanked the dog ' no ' to the bid, which is the largest in the program's history, and the decision he is still happy with. The he says to Ekstra Bladet.

- It was very simple. We have been working on the project in small three years, and much of the time has been about learning - and learn from the mistakes that you make as an entrepreneur. I is good to learn, and I'm a perfectionist, so eventually you learn the things. But you also make many errors, he says, and continues:

- So I feel not at all that we have come to a stage where we have fully exploited the potential yet. It would be like to be Usain Bolt, who is ready for a 100-meterløb, and just before the referee shoots the course in time, so travelling up and go the other way. It would be quite wrong, and I feel that my project is the most important.

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Three of the lions would invest in Joachim Latochas company, Barons. Photo: DR

Jesper Buch had an idea that if Barons had to go along with buksefirmaet Shaping the New Tomorrow, as he invested a large in in a previous season. But it wanted Joachim Latocha not, although he is proud that he got the opportunity to work together with the 'Lion's den'-the profile.

- There must not be any doubt that we are sitting with the shirts, and I don't want to mix it too much with other things. I think that it is strong for consumers to have a clear message, and it should not be about, the Barons are doing ten different things as suits and knickers.

- It should be about the shirts, shirts and shirts, and I could best way of checking is to do it the way I did. In addition, I have just no interest in selling so early. I just started, and here is a project that should be allowed to live their life and unfold in the right way, beats Joachim Latocha fixed.

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Joachim Latocha ended, however, not to go empty-handed from the DR1 program. He ended by thanking the yes to Coolshop-founder Jacob Risgaards offer of ten percent of the company for dkk 750,000.

The offer he was really happy to get, and he is not in doubt that Jacob Vogl can be to develop the baron's further in the future.

- Jacob has a small empire of companies, all have something with e-commerce to do. And what separates us from the many classic high-end skjortebrands, after all, is that we are selling 100% direct to customer online, and we only have the classic designs, so we have a second priskoncept, where we can offer a better value for the same price, because we do not have all the forhandlerled.

- That he has just a lot of opportunities that may come our customers and the company for the benefit, for he has a large e-commerce business and a lot of subsidiaries in one way or another are linked together. It can be logistics, payments, access to new markets or network for all sorts of different skills that we have in the house here.

Now, looking Barons so small against the foreign countries, where Sweden is the first market, in the long term will want to check on, but the dream is also to enter the market in the Uk and Germany.

- But it has some great markets, so we also need to take it bite for bite in order to ensure that our production and quality level can follow.

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It looked like in the first place a direct duel with Jesper Buch and Christian Arnstedt, as Joachim Latocha had presented his company.

Suddenly volunteered Jacob Vogl, however, on the track in the program, although it had up until then seemed as if he really was interested.

- I have regretted that I did not, Joachim, when you are so good a merchant. Aw, said Jacob Vogl in the program, before he was allowed again to join on the track, since he had not said the magic words: 'I'm out'.

Joachim Latocha and Jacob Vogl both welcome the co-operation after the 'Lion's den'. Photo: DR

It was, however, just playing to the gallery for the local businessman, who from the start was interested in throwing money at Barons.

- There is an exercise when you are merchants, as we are created from, and are sitting on auction, you will not be offered anything up too early. If everyone sits and stretches out his hand up, so to bid up the price, says Jacob Vogl for Extra Magazine, and continues:

I had decided that I know one of my cases would sit and pretend that I was uninterested and then bid at the very end. It worked this time, but I can probably only use it once, he laughs.

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He welcomes the fact that the tactic succeeded, and that he got the opportunity to be a part of the skjortefirmaet.

- As I also said in the broadcast, then there is not a market, I have burned nallerne more than tøjmarkedet, laughing Jacob Vogl, before he continues:

- But some of it is fat here is the fact that here is one who already has shown that he can. He already has a significant turnover, so it is not depending on that I like must be the.

instead he must help with things like capital, advice and make use of the vast network, which were also among the factors that got Joachim Latocha to say yes.

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