Provo-the prince Ari Behn speaks out on divorce: Feels like I die each day

The Norwegian author and provocateur Ari Behn was already a celebrity in his home country, before he got together with the Norwegian princess Märtha Louise. H

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26 December 2019 Thursday 23:00
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Provo-the prince Ari Behn speaks out on divorce: Feels like I die each day

The Norwegian author and provocateur Ari Behn was already a celebrity in his home country, before he got together with the Norwegian princess Märtha Louise.

He was a popular author, who was raised in a marxistist collective, who had just released his acclaimed debut novel 'Sad as faen' in 1999. And then he was a well-known well-known figure in both the Norwegian nightlife and on tv, where he shocked with smoking a joint for the rolling cameras.

The flamboyant writer called it at the time anything shy Märtha Louise of 'Norway's sexiest woman' in 2000, and not long after they met two other through the Aris mother, Marianne Solberg Behn, who Märtha Louise had learned to know through his training in the rosenterapi.

In march 2001, their relationship publicly known, and in december, they were engaged.

- It has been said that I rays of happiness. Here is the man who does, that I rays. Here is the man who I will share the rest of my life with, told a happy Märtha Louise at the press conference.

Märtha Louise and Ari Behn on their wedding day in 2002. Photo: All Over

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the following Year, in may 2002, they said yes to each other in the Nidaros cathedral, and then followed three daughters, Maud Angelica, 14, Leah Isadora, 12, and eight-year-old Emma Tallulah.

From the beginning, they did things differently. Behn would not have a prinsetitel and does not represent the Norwegian royal family. Instead, he continued his work as a writer, just like his wife went other ways and among other things started a 'engleskole'.

14 years, he and Märtha Louise to be married before the in august, announced that they would divorce.

- Life does not run on rails. It has both Ari and I learned. But allertydeligst it becomes now, where life has made some antics for us, as we had never foreseen. In these days we walk from each other. We end the marriage but remain together in forældreskabet, lighted Märtha Louise, in a press release.

She and Ari share the custody of the three daughters, who take turns to live with their parents, who live close to each other. And now he tells about his new life - without the powder.

This is a great interview with the Norwegian Dagbladet, and here are both funny episodes about life as a now former 'prinsessegemal'.

Märtha Louise and Ari Behn for the Swedish Carl Philips wedding in 2015. Photo: All Over

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today he lives in a house in Lommedalen about 20 kilometres outside Oslo, where also the ex-wife lives. The children engage in a royal sharing mechanism, where they live half of the time with each of their parents.

And Ari need to get used to a life which is completely normal and very Norwegian. For example, there are not longer other to stand for the purchases and go in Rema 1000.

I actually thought that a big, square Norvegia (Norwegian cheese, red.) cost 47 dollars, which is 16 years ago. The costs 167. I got a shock, he says in the interview.

Here it appears also that he has a 'very good and close relationship' with his former in-laws. Duftlysene in the bathroom are sourced by the mother-in-law - that is, Norway's the queen - tells the divorced writer.

Ari Behn still have a close relationship with her former svigerfamiie. Here is the ahead of the wedding in 2002. Photo: All Over

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Despite the good relationship with both parents-in-law and his former wife, has the breach been difficult.

- Everything happens at once. The break that I paint more than I write, that I must move from my children and create a new base for me and them. It is a huge change in my life. One can compare it to a death. I feel like I die every day, he says frankly in the interview.

He stresses, however, that he is good to take care of their children and to get the practical work. The thoughts of death are closer to a 'spiritual experience of that which happens something quite new', he adds.

there are good as come out of skilmissen. Ari Behn notes that the norwegians seems to like him better after he no longer is married into the royal family.

- the Divorce is probably a little bit conciliatory. 'Now he is one of us again'. Nordmmænd is fine, as you know. People have been so sweet to me. I had actually not expected. (...) But the last half year I have really felt embraced by the Norwegian people, he strikes fast.

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