These are the March video games that you can't miss

After a few months of January and February that have been intense in terms of new video games, March does not slow down.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
01 March 2024 Friday 10:10
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These are the March video games that you can't miss

After a few months of January and February that have been intense in terms of new video games, March does not slow down. In the coming days and weeks, some of the most anticipated titles of this first half of 2024 will arrive. Dragon's Dogma 2 is the big blockbuster of the month, but within a more indie field the intimate Open Roads also stands out. All this without forgetting one of the great queens – or rather, princesses – of the video game, Peach and her new solo adventure.

Below, we select some of the most interesting titles for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch that will arrive throughout this month of March.

Platforms: PC, PS5 and Xbox Series

This taxi driver simulator set in Barcelona promises to offer the most ambitious recreation of the city of Barcelona ever made in a video game. Its creators, the Polish development studio SimteractS, claim that players will be able to travel up to “460 km of tracks in a large area of ​​Barcelona reproduced at 1:1 scale.” In addition to traveling around the city to take clients from one place to another, the title will also have an important taxi company management component.

Taxi Life: A City Driving Simulator trailer

Platforms: PC and Nintendo Switch

Snufkin, one of the characters from the endearing Moomin stories, is the protagonist of this musical adventure for players of all ages. The endearing world created by Finnish writer Tove Jansson comes to life in this title developed by the Norwegian studio Hyper Games. The players' goal will be to restore harmony and balance to Moomin Valley while protecting it from the tireless Ranger.

Trailer for Snufkin: The Melody of Moomin Valley

Plataformas: PS4, PS5, Xbox Series y Switch

The Japanese studio Vanillaware, responsible for the acclaimed 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, is behind this game halfway between strategy and tactical role-playing. Set in an epic fantasy world, the game stands out for its very careful visuals and promises a large amount of content with up to 60 unique characters including humans, elves, enormous beasts and celestial angels.

Unicorn Overlord trailer

Platforms: PC, PS5 and Xbox Series

Alone in the Dark, the horror game series that served as inspiration for Resident Evil, will return thirty years after the publication of the first installment. This reimagining of the original trilogy will be set in the Southern Gothic of the 1920s. Once again, the player must step into the shoes of Emily Hartwood and Edward Carnby as they explore the mysterious Derceto mansion. The development of the game is carried out by the Swedish studio Pieces Interactive and its script is handled by Mikael Hedberg (SOMA and Amnesia).

Tráiler de Alone in the Dark

Platforms: PC, PS5 and Xbox Series

One of the most anticipated returns of the year. More than a decade after the first Dragon's Dogma, this 2024 we will have the opportunity to return to Capcom's high fantasy world. Its creators, with veteran Hideaki Itsuno at the helm, promise an explorable setting four times larger than that of the original title. In addition, this sequel will run on the RE Engine graphics engine capable of technical wonders like Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 trailer

Plataforma: Switch

This adventure starring the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom is set to be one of the last notable exclusives for Nintendo Switch. The protagonist will have a wide variety of new transformations, from swordswoman and kung-fu master to baker and detective. It had been many years since Princess Peach's last solo adventure, so it was time to have her again as the main star of a game.

Princess Pech Trailer: Showtime!

Platforms: PC, PS5 and Xbox Series

19th century Japan will be the protagonist of this new open world adventure developed by Team Ninja, the creators of Nioh or Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty from whom we can expect a technical combat system full of possibilities. This is an exclusive PlayStation 5 title that will also emphasize the narrative and historical recreation of the end of the Edo period.

Rise of the Ronin trailer

Platforms: PC, PS5 and Xbox Series

A mother and her 16-year-old daughter embark on a road trip after finding some old letters hidden in the attic of their house. This is the premise of a narrative game where the traveling setting and a captivating dialogue system take the reins of the story. That the Fullbright studio, the award-winning creators Gone Home and Tacoma, is behind the game is a guarantee.

Open Roads trailer