The 7 news you have to know this Friday, June 9 in the morning

Hello good morning!.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
08 June 2023 Thursday 10:56
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The 7 news you have to know this Friday, June 9 in the morning

Hello good morning!

What guides the debate does not move: it continues in the general elections, the scourge of sexual violence or the effects of the climate crisis, for example. What changes is that, in both, uncertainty is increasing.

More disbelief... The scourge of sexual violence by minors generates alarm and Badalona is its latest epicenter. Knowing now that some of the minors participated in more than one of the violations does not help (in the photo, one of the indicated spaces).

More uncertainty. In the pre-campaign of the generals, the left to the left of Sánchez occupies a prominent place: the tug of war over who goes with Sumar (Díaz) will last until today, the deadline, waiting for Podemos to be added at the last breath .

More solidarity. The 27 countries of the EU accept to distribute the immigrants in case of emergency, foreseeing up to penalties per person refuted. It is a giant step in search of more Europe in an area that is always delicate. Now, let it apply.

What border? That the climate crisis knows no borders is clear once again with the serious fires in Canada, which put a large part of the US on alert due to poor air quality. Here, due to the drought, water cuts are ruled out this year in the Barcelona area.

The Spanish industrial force in the automotive industry, now undergoing reforms due to its electrification, may have unexpected but key support in Tesla and Elon Musk: they are negotiating to have their second European car and battery plant in Valencia.

The novelty will bring a tail... Europe questions the limitations on VTCs (Cabify, Uber or Bolt are the first to think) in Catalonia. It stirs up the taxi sector. Mobility will once again be put in check.

Aging is no longer carried. Science takes another step forward and certifies that taurine, an amino acid, slows down aging, lengthens life, and improves health in animals and possibly in people. However, it is not recommended for now to take supplements.

Rosanna Orlandi, the great lady of design. "We should eradicate the concept of using and throwing away." read it here

Lake Como is unique or at least so unique that today the chronicles still refer to it as one of the few that allow us to unite beauty, privacy, relaxed glamour, dolce vita... We go through it.

The twists and turns of life. Carlos Alcaraz, today the world leader in tennis, faces the last challenge of his early career at Roland Garros: defeating Djokovic in the semifinals. Curiosity: it was in parallel to contemplating his duels with Nadal that broke through in his childhood.

The sea threatens China. The climatic emergency that we talked about before leaves a bleak picture in the Asian Giant. There is talk of launching another Great Wall because in 2100 millions of Chinese may be living below sea level.

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