The witness who reported Arrieta for harassment empathizes with Daniel Sancho: "Edwin threatened, attacked and coerced me"

The Edwin Arrieta murder case continues to be in the media spotlight.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
18 September 2023 Monday 23:01
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The witness who reported Arrieta for harassment empathizes with Daniel Sancho: "Edwin threatened, attacked and coerced me"

The Edwin Arrieta murder case continues to be in the media spotlight. Since we learned that Daniel Sancho confessed to having murdered and dismembered the body of the renowned Colombian surgeon on an island in Thailand, every day new information about this media case, which has already gone around the world, comes to light.

Rodolfo Sancho's son remains in Koh Samui prison awaiting trial. In addition, the Thai police are finishing the case report, which will be delivered to the Prosecutor's Office before the end of September. At the moment, the alleged murderer has received a visit from both of his parents, after several weeks speculating the possible date of the Spanish actor's first visit to his son.

This same Tuesday we learned that the Spanish Prosecutor's Office has opposed Daniel Sancho being extradited from Thailand to Spain to be tried, as the defense of the alleged murderer has been trying, due to a pending case that Sancho has for a crime of injuries.

But in addition to all this, the Antena program Y Ahora Sonsoles has exclusively interviewed the man who denounced Arrieta for harassment, assault and blackmail. The space presented by Sonsoles Ónega began the week by exclusively broadcasting the statements of this man who calls himself Luis and who wants to preserve his identity for fear of reprisals.

''He blackmailed me by talking to my family, that things were going to happen to me, that he was going to send me to people, that I had people following me. On my hand I have a scar from a bite that he gave me in one of his attacks. I felt identified with Daniel when I saw the news. "Either he would have killed me, or I would have killed him," he confessed.

But on Tuesday afternoon, this man went to the Antena 3 set to talk with the presenter about everything he experienced with the Colombian surgeon.

The man who denounced Edwin Arrieta began by telling how he met the surgeon and how a simple encounter one night out, triggered an obsession on Arrieta's part in wanting to meet him. He called her on the phone, sent her flowers and all this without this person having given him any private information. ''He did not give up, please give him a chance (...). I don't know where I got my information from, this is a doubt that I have to this day,' he declared.

''One day I left my building very early and Edwin was outside my goal. He told me that he was nearby and that he would accompany me on my route. "I took a taxi and went to my office," he said. After that, the surgeon allegedly continued calling him and he decided to close and remove all of his accounts. ''I received messages like: ''if you don't answer me, I'm going to your office.'' "Then the paranoia began with everything that was happening," he said. ''He was a person who knew how to blackmail,'' he claimed.

''He wasn't afraid of making a fuss in the street if you didn't agree to what he wanted or, in my case, of staying with him to listen to him for five minutes,'' he confessed. Faced with this situation, Luis said that he quit his job and moved from Bogotá. In addition, Arrieta threatened to tell his family about his sexual condition.

''That is the worst blackmail he did to me, calling my mother and telling her. I don't know how he got my mother's cell phone, but I panicked. He told me that he had someone following me (...). I endured him for seven months, until I had the courage to file a complaint,' he confirmed.

''I felt like the criminal, even though I didn't do anything. I formed a prejudice when I saw the news about Sancho, I said the Spaniard who killed the Colombian surgeon must be very bad. But when I saw the news I identified with him so much because Edwin threatened, attacked and coerced me. It could have happened to me if I didn't set the limit for Edwin, I think he would be in Daniel's position or in Edwin's,' he stated. ''I identified with him, but without justifying what happened,'' he said.