The Beckhams, Jennifer Aniston and Messi star in the most notable Super Bowl ads

Everyone is looking forward to the Super Bowl.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
11 February 2024 Sunday 16:12
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The Beckhams, Jennifer Aniston and Messi star in the most notable Super Bowl ads

Everyone is looking forward to the Super Bowl. But... Do people watch the American football grand final for the game itself or for all the fuss that surrounds it? Do the presence of Taylor Swift and advertisements starring Hollywood stars take on greater prominence than sports?

For many, yes. Proof of this is the fight that exists between companies to get the most sought-after celebrities to star in their advertisements before and during the big game, which will be among the most viewed of the year. Many have shone in the 2024 Super Bowl, and some will be remembered for years to come.

Leo Messi doing what he does best: kicking a ball. The Argentine becomes the star of a beach bar where he goes to order a beer, until a ball falls into his hands. Among the spectators who watch the show - and participate - are the legendary American football player Dan Marino and the actor Jason Sudeikis. All of them come together to promote Michelob Ultra beer.

It was one of the most talked about announcements before the celebration of the grand finale, and no wonder, since two of the Hollywood stars most loved by viewers appeared: Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer. An ad in which several celebrities forget things because of the brain space they need to remember everything Uber Eats offers, just like Jennifer forgets about her poor partner.

Ben Affleck tries to impress his wife, Jennifer Lopez, by showing up at her job to "show her what he can do." Thus he appears with his band, The DunKings, ready to give the performance of his life. A group with members as well-known as Matt Damon or Tom Brady, whose talent... They better reserve it for their respective fields.

Veteran actor Christopher Walken becomes the star of the automobile company's advertisement, showing off his humor. The protagonist of Severance meets a lot of people imitating Christopher Walken, with a cameo from Usher - who performed at the Super Bowl halftime - included. "There is only one Christopher Walken, like the electric BMW i5 M60. The rest are imitators."

Beyoncé uses her underrated comedy talents and teams up with telecommunications company Verizon for her commercial. The singer has managed to "break the Internet", but will she manage to "break Verizon"? With the help of actor Tony Hale (Arrested Development), she will try to achieve it with songs, a saxophonist, a cyborg, like Barbie, playing an astronaut, president of the United States... Everything is impossible.

For years it has been one of the most anticipated collaborations among social media users in the United States, and it finally materialized in the form of an advertisement: the actor Michael Cera and the dermatological cosmetics brand CeraVe joined forces and created what was the advertisement most fun of the whole day. A heads up: it should, but CeraVe creams are not created by Michael Cera.

If anyone promises that whoever works with them will have a good time, it's Zach Braff and Donald Faison. The unforgettable protagonists of Scrubs - and best friends in real life - join Jason Momoa for the announcement of the telecommunications company T-Mobile, in which they improvise a tribute to the mythical Flashdance (in addition to showing the impressive talent for Momoa song).

Actress Aubrey Plaza shows with her characteristic serious gesture how she "has a great time" drinking Mountain Dew, whatever the circumstance: parties with children, trapped in an elevator, playing a Game of Thrones-style series character... Bonus: a well-deserved tribute to the series that made her "America's love," Parks and Recreation, with the appearance of her boss on the series, Nick Offerman.